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i really need that trip to cincinnati Ryan Wright

-Capo YoungBlood
Ryan Wright earned his Red Senior Belt in Taekwondo Jrs. at McLean's Martial Arts and Fitness!

-Darlene Ross Wright
Happy birthday Ryan Wright have a lovely day!! Love from your favourite cousin😄 xxxxx

-Lillian Hughes
I'm off both jobs. Time for Me time. About time. At Ryan Wright having a cookout. Swet.:)

-Sandra Sellers
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This Book will tell you common Myths, which real estate agents have about short sale and how to...

In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse...


Baseball historian, Dennis Purdy, performs the feat of marrying statistics, scholarship, biography,...


Inked Shop
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (03:23:34 PM)

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JACK FM Vancouver
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (10:52:59 AM)

Meredith Geddes: They're NEVER giving away beer...

Fozzey & VanC
Posted: Apr 22, 2014 (06:06:38 PM)

Absolutely goooonnnneeee.😂

My #1 McW would most defiantly have to be Ryan...
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (07:15:20 AM) | Updated: Apr 23, 2014 (12:40:28 PM)
My #1 McW would most defiantly have to be Ryan Wright because he isn't just cute to me he is sweet &nd thoughtful &nd funny &nd loyal &nd honest &nd over all just freaking amazing &nd I love him totally &nd completely 110% &nd I hope he knows that.? &nd I hope he believes is too.? ♡.♥.♡ I also hope he knows i'm truly sorry for what I have done. . . :/
I love you Ryan. /.\

More BS with the case. We just got a call...
Posted: Apr 22, 2014 (05:42:22 PM) | Updated: Apr 22, 2014 (08:23:15 PM)
More BS with the case. We just got a call saying court tomorrow is going to be continues yet AGAIN because the second doctor did not send in the report in time. YET ANOTHER STALL tactic. When judge Ryan Wright going to put his foot down? If your ordered by the court and a judge to do something and you don't, you should be help in contempt of court! Funny we got a hand delivered letter from the main Ventura DA saying this would be a top priority. Funny thing it was only after I contacted Ventura Supervisor Peter Foy's office and they said they were going to look into this matter. TOTAL BS by our court system!!!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Please congratulate your Senior Class officers for 2013-2014! President Emily Dale, VP Vanessa Urbina, Secretary Marisa Wright, Treasurer Ryan Gilroy, and S at A Devan Nielsen!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Why do black ppl call autism "artistic"???? Lmao. Listening to this lady attempt to explain the difference between autism and retardation. The kid says they mean the same thing but "artistic" means he's really smart!! Smh wow

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
It's gunna be a long week at our house, Tyler Ferguson has decided to quit chewing...lord help me

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Hypothetically, you are making a pot of tea to be shared with two people. You own a 4 cup teapot. How many teabags would you use in that pot? And would that vary depending on the style and brand of tea? -- the short American has decided it is time to get up to speed on tea etiquette

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Corrymeela 1 Queens Grads 0


Every great player has to contemplate when enough is enough, when the sail is set but no wind is blowing, the boat is in the water but it is stationary, immobile, dormant. After tonight i've been saying i'm unfit all season and yes right back is a good place to hide this attribute as you really don't have to move much but use your head to read the game and experience to get on top. I used to be a pacey winger, or a striker with a clinical finish. Possible comparisons were Sean Wright Phillips or Raheem Sterling, up and down like a yo-yo, turning defense into attack like the blink of an eye of a passing concubine. Tonight probably I deserved to be on the bench i'm a better player than both Peter and my favoured position where Kris was. There's no debate about this these players haven't seen me at my best and previous goal tally's from seasons long past prove this. However when I came on in midfield it showed I can no longer run the length of myself, every time I attacked I set anchor and was marooned, to be frank I was a disgrace; how the great fall.

However i'm a fighter and always have been, Ryan Giggs, Jamie Carragher, Glen Ferguson, Noel Bailie, David Weir, Winky Murphy I bow to your legacies. Many lesser individuals have looked at their career at my age and said the legs have gone, its over, fuck this. Indeed this will be the telling of me whether I can turn it around in 3 and a half months, the difference between an average plodder who played for the Grads 7 seasons or a club legend. The only problem is i'm not sure how in three and a half months I can achieve this, which player can I use as an inspiration to model my game on, i'm not 17 anymore, i'm 29.

Please add your comments on how I can save my football career

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I want a chihuahua so badly!!!! :(

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Justin Manassee Ryan Wright

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Ryan Wright goes home early!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Ryan Wright Tracy Powers Wright

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
There was some good bowling today in our first day of our Annual Home Talent Tournament. In first place right now is Paul Wright & Jim Wirth with a combined series of 1494. Following that performance is Jerry Murphy & Jack Ellis with a 1485. In third place is Tim Morris & Ryan Angel with a 1457 series! Good bowling guys!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Ryan Wright 5

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Ryan Wright Shawn Wright Sarah Wright shared ModernWedding's photo.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
As they say, 'It's all in the "Framily"'. Our recently completed three unit Co-Housing development is featured in the Design Focus section of this month's Design New England magazine. Another great collaboration with Wright-Ryan Homes, and without a doubt the most constructive, entertaining, and rewarding client relationship, perhaps ever. Thank you all.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I really would like my voice back...

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Dear Congressman Paul Broun,
I'm a little disgusted (and not at all shocked) that you've banned me from posting on your Facebook page for posting a link to a legitimate source that disputed your claims. I was civil and polite, and merely asked if you had a better source. Do you only represent that part of your constituency that blindly agrees with you? Know this, it takes only one moment of clarity to lose a vote, and I intend to provide as many as I can between now and the election. I may be only one voice, but your page isn't the only one where I can be heard.

Your constituent, Wendy Wright

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Canna wait to go on holiday,gunna be one gurrrddd pissupp Ryan Bower Holly Wright Tom Akerz Beckii Leggott Louise Straw :D

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Saturday 13.04.13


Carl McCurry opened on the half hour for Alsager at home to Abbey Hulton and added his second mid way through the second half. Abbey pulled a goal back in last five minutes through Josh Tune.

Visitors Stone Dominoes struggled with a ten man squad against Ball Haye Green. They conceded twenty one goals without reply; Will Brown, Martin Baker & Paul Kileer scored four apiece, Greg Johnstone bagged a hat trick, two came from the spot for Andy Bloor along with a penalty scored by keeper Ash Knight and a single from Steve Sawyer.

Ben Leese scored a goal in each half for visitors Hanley Town at Cheadle with an Alex Wood goal in reply.

Visitor’s Biddulph opened on 30min through Michael Brown at Eccleshall. Jimmy Wilde equalized on 55min before Ben Jackson put the visitor’s ahead ten minutes later. Dan Jones found the equalizer on 85 min to share the points.

Jimmy Duffy scored the only goal of the game for Audley at Keele in the first half.

Jack Harrison and Calum Kenny gave Newcastle the lead going into the break at home to Kidsgrove. Alistair Cope pulled a goal back for the visitors in the second half and Dan Holdcroft equalized.

Visitor’s Redgate scored five at Norton; two through Ryan Green along with singles from Richard Leech, Jimmy Garside & Wayne Glover. Craig Caddy scored a consolation for Norton.

Stretton conceded four at home to Wolstanton without reply.

Division 1

Abbey Hulton and Cheadle SMU shared the points from a goal less draw.

Ryan O’Reilly opened for Congleton at home to Bradeley. Gaz Birks equalized before the break but a 25yd strike after the break from James Hewitt for Congleton saw them take the points.

Visitor’s Uttoxeter opened on 9min through Matt Redshaw at Foley. Matthew Wooliscroft equalized on 15min before Lee Baggley added two for the visitors before the break (35 & 43min) Wooliscroft added his second on 72min.

Hanley Town kept a clean sheet at home to Chesterton and scored four; one each from Ryan Smith, Simon Gordon, Alex Wright & Gareth Humphries.

MMU were disappointed to conceded a goal in each half at home to Hilton Harriers, the second being an OG, without reply.

Matt Barlow opened on 8 min for Redgate at home to Vodaphone. Liam Caulfield added a second on 19min with Scott Bew pulling a goal back on 24min and Peter Birks equalising on 35min. Bew completed his hat trick with goal s on 42 & 44min. Barlow added his second for Redgate on 53min followed a minute later by a fifth for the visitors from Mark Brazier. Brazier made it six on 72 min with Danny Curbishire signing off for Redgate on 85min.

Alex Williams scored the only goal of the game in the first half for visitors Ashbourne at Sandbach.

Wolstanton opened at home to Bradwell on 25min through Joe Humphries, Mark Holmes added tow (53 & 72 min) with Tom Bisson completing the scoring with a goal in the last minute. Bradwell failed to score.

Division 2

Hawkins and Betley shared the points from a three all draw. Chris Davis opened for the visitors before Garth Birks equalised. Matt Bayliss put the visitors ahead again with Nick Hodgekinson bringing the score level into the break. Bayliss added his second on 50min and Joe Gilbert equalized on 70min.

Charlie Rummin scored the only goal of the game for visitors Stapenhill in the first half at Norton.

A hat trick from Jarred Batkin along with singles from Alex Djukic and Toby Bell for Silverdale saw them take the points against Hall Heath who replied with a Wayne Hunt consolation.

Tunstall Town failed to score at home to Vibromax who saw Craig Campion, Liam McKay, Tom Magus & Sam Knight score a goal apiece.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Dear Friends and clients,

Always chasing people around in life will have zero benefit to you in the long run. This is mostly because you can't make people be who you want them to be, for the reason people always try to pull more than give back. All you can and should do is make extraordinary effort each day to be you, and to do what's best in your heart, and work hard at it.

Lets start focusing on the people who deserve to be in your life will come in your life, unlike the people from the past, these people not only want to be a huge part of your life they will fight you to stay. So cut the slack out of your life and let go of the people that are only bringing you down because negative energy is fucking sickness.and there's no reason to be burdened continually by people who don't believe in you, when there are people out there that will.

As soon they start ignoring you, stop fighting, start deleting, start unfollow them and start erasing their contact info. There's no reason to keep contacts with people who don't have your best interest at heart. Beside there's somebody will be happy to replace them. Please don't forget to focus on yourself by living out your dreams.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Spring fling with Gabrielle Tilton and Ryan Wright and everyone else tomorrow!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I've been reading the comments and a lot of you feel Arias won't be sentenced to death. We don't have capital punishment in Australia so I'm interested to hear why you think she'll receive an alternative sentence.

Personally, I believe she'll die by lethal injection as the State will prove premeditation and cruelty.

Further, keep in mind Wendi Andriano, a white female who was successfully prosecuted by Juan Martinez and is now on Death Row. Andriano is a mother of two who murdered her terminally ill husband. At the time of her trial, she was 34 years old.

~ admin 2

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Karl Reynolds changed my mind, i'd never even thought of his choice. After running the Liverpool midfield but not being good enough for the rest of the league, its Liverpool 'dynamo' Lucas Leiva. BUT, you'll never walk alone Lucas... because Manchester City flop Gareth Barry joins you in the middle. Which giant of the football pitch joins our team for the left?

GK - Rob Elliot
RB - Jose Bosingwa
CB - Mike Williamson
CB - Titus Bramble
LB - Andre Santos
RM - Gabriel Obertan
CM - Lucas Leiva
CM - Gareth Barry
LM - ???

- Ryan

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Womens Teams for this week

Div 2 - Anna Mitchell as contact
Karen Boylan
Janet Collier
Amanda Dethmore
Tara Henningson
Kym Henningson
Di Horbury
Abby James
Deb Lang
Anna Mitchell
Katelyn Nesbit
Ali Sheperd
Chelsea Warren (GK)
Megan McMillion

Div 3 - Adam Coombe for Contact
Megan McMillion (GK)
Cathy Ashby
Kerry Dowdy
Kylie Durbridge
Jess Henman
Kerry Henningson
Hanna Martin Brown
Sue Ryan
Briony Schleuniger
Jordan Stephenson
Kearrie Wright
Nadine Warren
Michelle Wren
Chelsea Warren


Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
His reaction to you calling him a bitch-
Harry -
Louis -
Zayn -
Niall -
Liam -


Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Our office attended a lockout today for a repo and they left their goldfish. That qualifies as something of personal value so we will be feeding the little guy for the next 18 days at this house. Love it!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Single parent for the week.... Jed Schanz is in Florida (I know, it must be rough to go to Mexico for a week and then West Palm Beach for the next week). Three of the four kids had to be at activities tonight at 6 o'clock.... Thank you Kim Baumann Ryan for taking care of KJ. Thank you Gayra Mauney Wright for handling Kammie. And thank you Kenna Schanz for feeding everyone and making sure they had shin guards, water bottles and tennis shoes! You're my lifesavers tonight!

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