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Wildlife Center of Virginia
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 (03:44:53 AM)

If you're getting ready to dust off your lawnmower this weekend, don't forget to check before you mow! Rabbit season is here, and there may be bunnies nesting in your yard. Share with your friends and neighbors!

Santa Claus
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 (12:15:13 AM)

Good luck to the 200 runners from Raleigh and the...
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 (04:30:16 AM)
Good luck to the 200 runners from Raleigh and the surrounding areas racing Boston today. Beautiful day for racing!
Akers, Chip - Raleigh
Albertson, Gary D. - Raleigh
Alcorn, Heather - Durham
Ames, Michelle - Raleigh
Anderson, Lilith - Durham
Antipov, Helen - Durham
Arthur, Micaela Y. - Chapel Hill
Astrike-Dvis, Emma M. - Durham
Babcock, Ryan - Raleigh
Bachl Stewart, Carolyn - Raleigh
Baddour, Allen - Chapel Hill
Baker, Heather - Raleigh
Baldinger, David - Raleigh
Bazemore, Meredith H. - Chapel Hill
Bedard, Dan - Cary
Berry, Laura E. - Raleigh
Bigelow, Allie P - Chapel Hill
Biggers, Larissa C - Chapel Hill
Blanco, Tomas - Durham
Bolick, Jan Y. - Chapel Hill
Bonneau, Kara - Durham
Bowler, Kim - Raleigh
Branson, Sheri W - Chapel Hill
Breaden, Melissa H. - Durham
Brewner, Scott - Durham
Briggs, Holly - Raleigh
Brown, Miles H. - Raleigh
Brown, William D. - Chapel Hill
Browne, Jeffrey - Raleigh
Brunson, Sherri Z - Cary
Campbell, Loretta K. - Cary
Carter, Brandon S. - Wake Forest
Catto, Stu - Durham
Chappell, Michael P - Raleigh
Coyne, Molly D. - Garner
Craven, Deirdre R. - Raleigh
Crews, Wayne M - Cary
Curtin, Jennifer D - Raleigh
Cutts, Lori A - Durham
Dalton, Barbie - Raleigh
Davis, Kellie - Raleigh
Dean, Tripp C. - Raleigh
Defreitas, Rachael A. - Raleigh
Deruyter, Frank - Chapel Hill
Deutsch, Mark - Durham
Dill, Esther - Cary
Dillon, Erin D - Raleigh
Donaghy, James - Cary
Dore, Daniel J - Durham
Doyle, Kevin M. - Cary
Dyer, Jeff - Wake Forest
Edeburn, Melissa - Raleigh
Ekstrand, Samantha J. - Durham
Enochs, Jean M - Cary
Evans, Jennifer V. - Durham
Flint, Patrick B - Raleigh
Forgione, Janine - Cary
Fowler, Brian D. - Raleigh
Franks, Gary - Raleigh
Frey, Laura - Raleigh
Fross, Caitlin C. - Chapel Hill
Fucci, Michael - Durham
Gamble, Eric - Raleigh
Garner, Alana P - Raleigh
Garrett, Julie M - Cary
Geiger, Philip S. - Raleigh
Gillespie, Sean P. - Garner
Hardesty, Melissa - Cary
Hegarty, Meghan S. - Raleigh
Herman, Elizabeth - Wake Forest
Hidenfelter, Mindy - Wake Forest
Hintz, Cassie - Raleigh
Holesh, Lauren M. - Raleigh
Howe, George H - Raleigh
Hughes, Rebecca-Ayme - Durham
Igboekwe, Emmeline - Cary
Ives, Rebecca S - Durham
Jones, Doug - Cary
Karnatz, Tom - Raleigh
Kelley, Mike - Chapel Hill
Kenedy, Linda - Cary
Kesterson, Bev - Raleigh
Klaitman, Jason - Chapel Hill
Koerber, Michael - Chapel Hill
Krasich, Rachel - Durham
Leavens, Teresa L - Cary
Lee, Melissa D - Raleigh
Lee, Michael - Garner
Leone, Peter A - Chapel Hill
Lewis, David - Raleigh
Lin, Jiang - Chapel Hill
Longabard, Fredric W. - Raleigh
Mangarelli, Caren - Durham
Mann, Teresa - Cary
Manning, Tracy - Raleigh
Mannone, Sara - Durham
Marchionni, Kerri L - Raleigh
Matthews, Elizabeth W - Raleigh
Mays, Elizabeth - Cary
McDevitt, Ryan C. - Durham
McGahan, Patrick - Chapel Hill
Mciver, Andrew L. - Durham
McMann, Amy E. - Durham
Meeker, David - Raleigh
Meeker, Kimberlie F. - Raleigh
Meeker, Nicholas - Raleigh
Meigs, Tim - Raleigh
Micheels, Jim A. - Wake Forest
Millikan, Christopher - Raleigh
Mitchell, Celia - Raleigh
Morachnick, William - Cary
Mortimer, Laura - Durham
Moss, Ellen - Durham
Muenchau, Mark C - Durham
Nussear, Robert E Jr. - Raleigh
O'Connor, Martin C. - Raleigh
Offield, Richard - Durham
Olson, Laurie S. - Raleigh
Olson, Todd - Raleigh
Oswald, Sean-Patrick - Durham
Paige Osborne, Lauren - Chapel Hill
Pan, Chun - Raleigh
Pare, Tammy O - Raleigh
Parks, Sarah A. - Durham
Parsons, Don - Cary
Pedersen, Garrett - Cary
Pederson, Cheri A. - Durham
Perlow, Audrey - Durham
Peterson, Jeffrey M. Sr. - Cary
Phay, Robert E. - Chapel Hill
Phillips, Richard D. - Cary
Pitts, Frank - Chapel Hill
Plumblee, Jordan L. - Durham
Plumblee, Sarah E. - Durham
Pockros, Lara - Durham
Powell, William S. - Chapel Hill
Pratt, Daniel J - Cary
Pullen, Jim A. - Cary
Purcell, Lori J - Raleigh
Purcell, Virginia - Chapel Hill
Ray, Wendy G - Raleigh
Reece, Dwayne - Wake Forest
Roach, Allison R - Raleigh
Rodriguez, Tracie - Raleigh
Rohr, Darrin L. - Raleigh
Rowe, Wilson - Durham
Schaknowski, Bj - Raleigh
Scott, Mary - Cary
Seal, Kerry - Cary
Shoaf, Robert - Chapel Hill
Shriver, Timothy - Cary
Slaughter, Mariesa J. - Chapel Hill
Smith, David F. - Durham
Smith, Richard L - Chapel Hill
Snell, Jennifer - Cary
Song, Paula - Chapel Hill
Stanley, Laura E. - Durham
Stavas, Joseph M - Chapel Hill
Stein, Jaime - Chapel Hill
Stoner, Julie A - Raleigh
Stoughton, Hannah L. - Raleigh
Strunk, Sarah - Durham
Stumpf, Kendra - Cary
Sullivan, Kimberly K - Cary
Tajlili, Brian B. - Durham
Talley, Sarah - Raleigh
Tang, Jimmy X. - Raleigh
Taylor, Natalie S. - Raleigh
Thom, Natalie - Chapel Hill
Tuttle, Harrison G - Raleigh
Tuttle, Julie - Raleigh
Van Dijk, Ramon M - Wake Forest
Vanberg, Georg - Chapel Hill
Vanbruggen, Mitch D - Durham
Wahlmann, Kate - Cary
Wallace, William P. - Cary
Ward, Mary J. - Wake Forest
Warren, Leigh E - Durham
Washabaugh, Bradford G. - Cary
Werner, Lisa - Raleigh
Wexler, Allison B - Cary
Whitney, David J - Durham
Wiggenhorn, John R - Cary
Williams, Helen B. - Raleigh
Williamson, Jerry A - Raleigh
Williamson, John P. - Cary
Wind, Thys - Raleigh
Wodarski, Miranda A. - Chapel Hill
Wood, Jonathan - Raleigh
Woods, Jennifer M. - Chapel Hill
Woods, Rick S - Chapel Hill
Wragge, Julie - Wake Forest
Yahyapour, Kazem - Raleigh
Yang, Cheng - Raleigh
Younts, Joanna - Chapel Hill
Younts, Kenneth - Chapel Hill
Zabel, Rebecca - Chapel Hill

April 19, 2014 Good Morning FB Saints, Family and Friends...Well...
Posted: Apr 20, 2014 (11:15:49 PM) | Updated: Apr 20, 2014 (11:28:30 PM)
April 19, 2014 Good Morning FB Saints, Family and Friends...Well another Day has Come and Gone...The Sun is Streaking into the West, leaving a Trail of God Golden Glory in its aftermath...The Eagles are Now Moving into a Downward Spiral Motion, Because the Light of Day is Now Pasting...As Darkness begin to Cloak the Earth from the East to the West...The Majestic Eagles are Preparing themselves for their Long Night Watch...Yes the Flight pattern is Full, God order is in its perfect phase...So with that In Mind I am shouting to the OWLS of all Regions HOOT HOOT...To the East Coast Regions Michael-louis Ingram, Terri L. Willmott and Denise Campbell.....To the South, the Southern Belle's and midwest Regions..The Queen of the WFOT.Tina Marie, Tiwanda Rashad, Nanita Cutee Jones, Quentella Minora, Jacqueline Crumble, Arzelia Kendall III, Willie Dixon Jr., Willie L. Campbell, Scherwood Robinson and Jarvis Berry..Last but least...Mountain and West coast.Lily Liggins, Mo Maurice Sr., Charlotte Joseph-Caraway., Patrick Constantine., Sherri Davis., Tashia De'Moris., Justin Love., Art Allen and Apostle James D. Smith.Reflection.....What happen to the Perfect Plan to Get Rid of this Man Called Jesus..All the Lies, Falsehood, Betrayal had Taken Place..They had got the Sentence of Death, that they So Desire...But they Forgot One things, One very Important thing.About the Cross....they wasn't Listen..FOR JESUS SAID, " IF I BE LIFTED UP FROM THE EARTH I WILL DRAW ALL MEN AND WOMEN UNTO ME...Hallelujah For at the cross he been drawing every since......Glorrrrrrryyyyyyyy to GodJammi D'Metera Smith James Smith Jameer D Smith Diamond DDizzle Mitchell Jeremiah Smith Apostle James D Smith 25th Year Appreciation Service Jamesha Smith Jasmine Kelley Tikeysha Clinton Malaika Andhergirls Teriana Sanders Tina Blackie Parker Ronnie MonRowe Lakeisha Smith Kiesha PlummerJulian Richards James Smith Tammi Toobooty Tabitha Smith Shania Akai Smith JQ James Smith.Shaquila Fielding Keauati Logan April Sochocolate Logan Galina KarshMarilyn Golston Apostle Audrey Thames

Historical Events on April 20th 295 - 8th recorded perihelion passage...
Posted: Apr 20, 2014 (04:21:47 PM) | Updated: Apr 20, 2014 (04:28:57 PM)
Historical Events on April 20th

295 - 8th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
850 - Guntherus becomes bishop of Cologne
1139 - 2nd Lateran Council (10th ecumenical council) opens in Rome
1505 - Jews are expelled from Orange Burgandy by Philibert of Luxembourg
1551 - John Dudley becomes Earl Marshal of England
1650 - Dutch East India Company (VOC) management sets new guidelines
1653 - Cromwell routes English parliament to house
1657 - Battle in Santa Cruz Bay, Tenerife: English fleet under Robert Blake sinks Spanish silver fleet
1689 - The former King James II of England, now deposed, lays siege to Derry.
1702 - Comet C/1702 H1 approaches within 0.0437 AUs of Earth
1715 - Nicholas Rowe's "Tragedy of Lady Jane Grey" premieres in London
1759 - George Frederic Handel is buried in Westminster Abbey, London
1770 - Captain Cook arrives in New South Wales
1775 - British begin siege of Boston
1777 - New York adopts new constitution as an independent state
1792 - France declares war on Austria, Prussia & Sardinia
1799 - Friedrich von Schiller's "Wallensteins Tod" premieres in Weimar
1799 - Napoleon issues a decree calling for establishing Jerusalem for Jews
1809 - Napoleon I defeats Austria at Battle of Abensberg, Bavaria
1810 - The Governors of Caracas declares the national sovereignty from Spain.
1828 - René Caillié is first non-Muslim to enter Timbouctou.
1836 - Territory of Wisconsin created
1841 - 1st detective story (Edgar Allen Poe's "Murders in Rue Morgue") published
1861 - Battle of Norfolk, VA
1861 - Colonel Robert E. Lee resigns from Union army
1862 - The first pasteurization test completed by Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard.
1865 - Chicago's Crosby Opera House opens
1871 - 3rd Enforcement Act (President can suspend writ of habeas corpus)
1872 - SF Bar Association organized
1879 - 1st mobile home (horse drawn) used in a journey from London & Cyprus
1884 - Pope Leo XIII encyclical "On Freemasonry"
1888 - 246 reported killed by hail in Moradabad, India
1894 - 136,000 mine workers strike in Ohio for pay increase
1896 - 1st public film showing in US John Philip Sousa's "El Capitan" premieres in NYC
Composer John Philip SousaComposer John Philip Sousa 1898 - US Assay Office in Deadwood, South Dakota opens
1902 - Marie & Pierre Curie isolate the radioactive element radium chloride
1903 - 7th Boston Marathon won by John Lorden of Mass in 2:41:29.8
1904 - George Bernard Shaw's "Candida" premieres in London
1904 - Louisiana Purchase Exposition opens in St Louis
1908 - 12th Boston Marathon won by Tom Morrissey of NY in 2:25:43.2
1908 - Opening day of competition of the New South Wales Rugby League.
1910 - Cleve Indians Addie Joss 2nd no-hitter, beats Chicago, 1-0
1910 - Halley's Comet passes 29th recorded perihelion at 87.9 million km
1912 - Fenway Park officially opens, Red Sox beat NY Highlanders 7-6 in 11
1912 - Tiger Stadium in Detroit opens, Tigers beat Cleve Indians 6-5
1914 - 18th Boston Marathon won by James Duffy of Canada in 2:25:01.2
1914 - 33 killed by soldiers during mine strike in Ludlow, Colo
1916 - German-British sea battle off Belgian coast
1916 - Weeghman Park (Wrigley Field) in Chicago opens, Cubs beat Cin Reds 7-6
Pilot The Red BaronPilot The Red Baron 1918 - Manfred von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron, shoots down his 79th and 80th victims marking his final victories before his death the following day.
1919 - Polish Army captures Vilno, Lithuania from Soviet Army
1920 - 7th modern Olympic games opens in Antwerp Belgium
1920 - Balfour Declaration recognized, makes Palestine a British Mandate
1920 - Big Show ends 2 year run on NBC radio
1920 - Tornadoes kill 219 in Alabama & Mississippi
1920 - Phillies mgr Gravvy Cravath puts himself in as pinch hitter, his 3- run homer beats NY Giants 3-0
1925 - 29th Boston Marathon won by Charles Mellor of Ill in 2:33:00.6
1926 - 1st check sent by radio facsimile transmission across Atlantic
1931 - 35th Boston Marathon won by Jim Henigan of Mass in 2:46:45.8
1931 - British House of Commons agrees for sports play on Sunday
1934 - Heinrich Himmler becomes inspector Prussian secret state police
1935 - "Your Hit Parade" begins broadcasting (becomes #1 quickly)
1936 - 40th Boston Marathon won by Ellison Brown of RI in 2:33:40.8
1936 - Jews repel an Arab attack in Petach Tikvah Palestine
1939 - Ted Williams' 1st hit (off of Yankee Red Ruffing) a double
1940 - 1st electron microscope demonstrated (RCA), Philadelphia, Pa
1941 - 100 German bombers attack Athens
1941 - Dodgers start to wear liners in their caps
1942 - German occupiers forbids Dutch access to their beach
1942 - Heavy German assault on Malta
1943 - Braves manager Casey Stengel is struck by a taxi, fractures a leg
1944 - Dutch Communist Party resistance fighter John Postma sentence to death
1944 - NFL legalizes coaching from bench
1945 - Cleveland Browns organization formed by Arthur "Mickey" McBride
1945 - German occupiers flood Beemster & Fencer
1945 - Soviet troops enter Berlin
1945 - US 7th army captured German city of Nuremberg
1945 - US forces conquer Motobu peninsula on Okinawa
1946 - 1st baseball broadcast in Chicago, Cards vs Cubs
1946 - 50th Boston Marathon won by Stylianos Kyriakides of Greece in 2:29:27
1947 - Frederik IX becomes king of Denmark
1948 - NYC hikes subway fare from 5 cents to 10 cents
1948 - Walter P Reuther UAW pres shot & wounded at his home in Detroit
1949 - Jockey Bill Shoemaker wins his 1st race, in Albany, California
1950 - Balt's Memorial Stadium opens - Orioles of International League
1951 - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak
1951 - Velsen city council demands investigation of police collaborators
1953 - 57th Boston Marathon won by Keizo Yamada of Japan in 2:18:51
1954 - "Golden Apple" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 125 performances
1955 - "Saint of Bleecker St" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 92 perfs
1957 - 61st Boston Marathon won by John J Kelley of Conn in 2:20:05
1957 - Yankee Bill Skowron becomes 3rd player to hit a ball out of Fenway
1958 - Buses replace Key System trains at 3 AM
1958 - Louise Suggs wins LPGA Babe Didrikson-Zaharias Golf Open
1958 - Montreal Canadiens beat Boston Bruins 4 games to 2 for Stanley Cup
1958 - Morocco demands departure of Spanish troops
1959 - 63rd Boston Marathon won by Eino Oksanen of Finland in 2:22:42
1960 - "From A to Z" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 21 performances
1961 - American Harold Graham makes 1st rocket belt flight
1962 - NASA civilian pilot Neil A Armstrong takes X-15 to 63,250 m
1962 - New Orleans Citizens Co gives free 1-way ride to blacks to move North
1962 - OAS-leader ex-general Salan arrested in Algiers
1963 - "Sophie" closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 8 performances
1963 - -30] All Africa Conferences of Churches opens in Kampala Uganda
1964 - 68th Boston Marathon won by Aurele Vandendriessche of Belgium in 2:19:59
1964 - 86% of black students boycott Cleveland schools
1965 - People's Republic China offers North Vietnam military aid
1966 - WDCA TV channel 20 in Washington, DC (IND) begins broadcasting
1967 - French author Régis Debray caught in Bolivia
1967 - NY Met Tom Seaver's 1st victory, beats Cubs, 6-1
1967 - US Surveyor 3 lands on Moon
1967 - US planes bomb Haiphong for 1st time during Vietnam War
1967 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1967 - A Globe Air Bristol Britannia turboprop crashes at Nicosia, Cyprus, killing 126.
1968 - Pierre Elliott Trudeau sworn-in as Canada's PM
1968 - S Afr Boeing 707 crashes at Windhoek, 122 killed
1968 - English politician Enoch Powell makes his controversial Rivers of Blood speech.
1969 - 23rd Tony Awards: Great White Hope & 1776 win
1969 - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
1970 - 74th Boston Marathon won by Ron Hill of Great Britain in 2:10:30
1970 - Bruno Kreisky becomes 1st socialist chancellor of Austria
1970 - Ron Hill's 2:10:30 at Boston, sets new US marathon record
1971 - Barbra Streisand records "We've Only Just Begun"
1971 - US Supreme Court upholds use of busing to achieve racial desegregation
1972 - Apollo 16's Young & Duke land on Moon with Boeing Lunar Rover #2
1972 - Kallicharran scores his 2nd Test century in his 2nd Test Cricket
1973 - Mass murderer Ed Kemper attempted to dispose of his mother's vocal chords in a domestic waste disposal unit.
1973 - Canadian ANIK A2 becomes 1st commercial satellite in orbit
1974 - Paul McCartney & Wings release single "Band on the Run"
1975 - 29th Tony Awards: Equus & Wiz win
1975 - 4th Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Sandra Palmer
1975 - Penguins 1-Isles 3-Quarterfinals-Penguins hold 3-1 lead
1976 - George Harrison sings lumberjack song with Monty Python
1977 - Supreme Court rules "Live Free or Die" may be covered on NH licenses
1977 - Woody Allen's film "Annie Hall" premieres
1980 - Cubans begin to arrive in US from Mariel boatlift
1980 - Donna White wins LPGA Florida "Lady Citrus" Golf Tournament
1980 - Climax of Berber Spring in Algeria as hundreds of Berber political activists are arrested.
1981 - 10th Boston Women's Marathon won by Allison Roe of NZ in 2:26:46
1981 - 85th Boston Marathon won by Toshihiko Seko of Japan in 2:09:26
1981 - Final performance of TV show "Soap" airs
1981 - Rocker Papa John Phillips arrested for drug possession
1982 - Atlanta Braves become 1st team to win 1st 12 games of the season
1983 - President Reagan signs a $165B bail out for Social Security
1983 - Rangers 2-Isles 7-Patrick Div Finals-Isles hold 3-2 lead
1983 - Soyuz T-8 launched; mission aborted when capsule fails to dock
1983 - Soyuz T-8 is launched (lands 2 days later)
1984 - Russian offensive in Panshirvallei Afghanistan
1985 - Carlos Lopes runs world record marathon (2:07:12)
1985 - Firestone World Bowling Tournament of Champions won by Mark Williams
1985 - Karyn Marshall of NYC lifted 303 lbs in a clean & jerk lift
1985 - ATF raid on The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord compound in northern Arkansas.
US President & Actor Ronald ReaganUS President & Actor Ronald Reagan 1986 - "Jerry's Girls" closes at St James Theater NYC after 139 performances
1986 - Michael Jordan sets NBA playoff record with 63 points in a game
1986 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1986 - Vladimir Horowitz performs in his Russian homeland
1987 - 16th Boston Women's Marathon won by Rosa Mota of Portugal in 2:25:21
1987 - 91st Boston Marathon won by Toshihiko Seko of Japan in 2:11:50
1987 - Sri Lanka: Tamils shoot 122 Singalezen dead
1987 - US deports Karl Linnas to USSR, charged with Nazi war crimes
1988 - Balt Orioles set worst record to start a season 0-14 (will go 0-21)
1988 - NJ Devils 1st playoff hat trick-Eric Broten
1988 - US accuses Renamo of killing 100,000 Mozambiquians
1988 - Yanks HR 9,999 (D Winfield) 10,000 (C Washington) 10,001 (J Clarke)
1990 - Pete Rose pleads guilty to hiding $300,000 in income
1990 - 8 2/3 inning perfect game pitched by Brian Holman of Oakland A's is spoiled by a home run hit by Ken Philips
1991 - "Les Miserables" opens at Odense Teater, Odense
Basketball Superstar Michael JordanBasketball Superstar Michael Jordan 1991 - 1st non stop flight Schiphol-Flamingo airport Bonaire
1991 - Mark Lenzi is 1st diver to score 100 pts on a dive (101.85)
1991 - Raghib "Rocket" Ismael signs with Toronto Argonauts for $26.2 million
1992 - 100th episode of "Murphy Brown" airs
1992 - 21st Boston Women's Marathon won by Olga Markova of Russia in 2:23:43
1992 - 96th Boston Marathon won by Ibrahim Hussein of Kenya in 2:08:14
1992 - All star concert in memory of Freddie Mercury held at Wembley Stadium
1992 - Expo '92 opens in Seville Spain
1992 - Joan Lunden, breaks her left shoulder after being thrown from a horse
1992 - Madonna signs $60-million deal with Time Warner
1993 - Uranus passes Neptune (once every 171 years)
1994 - Danny Harold Rolling sentenced to death in Florida for killing 5
1994 - Serbian army bombs hospital in Goradze Bosnia, 47 killed
1994 - Sohail & Inzamam make world record ODI partnership of 263
1994 - Space shuttle STS-59 (Endeavour 6), lands
Pop Star MadonnaPop Star Madonna 1996 - Chicago Bulls win record 72 games in a season
1997 - "Gin Game" opens at Lyceum Theater NYC for 144 performances
1997 - "Present Laughter" closes at Walter Kerr Theater NYC
1997 - 1st baseball game in Hawaii, Cards beat Padres in doubleheader
1997 - 27th Easter Seal Telethon raises $47,392,682
1997 - 58th PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Hale Irwin
1997 - Cubs beat NY Mets ending NL worst opening, lost 14 straight games
1997 - Karrie Webb wins LPGA Susan G Komen International
1997 - Myrtle Beach LPGA Classic
1997 - Nick Price wins golf MCI Classic
1997 - PGA Seniors Championship
1997 - Mark McGwire is 4th to HR on Detroit Tiger left field roof (others are Frank Howard, Harmon Killibrew, & Cecil Fielder)
1998 - TAME Boeing 727-200 chartered by Air France crashes into Cerro El Cable mountain after takeoff from Bogotá, Colombia, killing 53.
1998 - German terrorist group Red Army Faction announces their dissolution after 28 years.
1999 - Columbine High School massacre: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill 13 people and injure 24 others before committing suicide at Columbine High School located in Jefferson County, Colorado.
2004 - In Iraq, 12 mortars are fired on Abu Ghraib Prison by insurgents, killing 22 detainees and wounding 92.
2007 - Johnson Space Center Shooting: A man with a handgun barricades himself in NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas before killing a male hostage and himself.
2008 - Danica Patrick wins the Indy Japan 300 becoming the first female driver in history to win an Indy car race.
2010 - Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion kills 11 and causes rig to sink, initiating a massive oil discharge in the Gulf of Mexico.
2012 - Plane crash near Islamabad, Pakistan, kills 127 people
2012 - 40 people are killed and 27 injured after a tractor trailer collided with a bus in Alamo, Mexico
2013 - 193 people are killed and 11,826 are injured after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes Lushan County, China
2013 - 5 snowboarders are killed by an avalanche in Loveland Pass, Colorado
2013 - Giorgio Napolitano is re-elected President of Italy

ONLINE AUCTION WINNERS!!!! Ride a Champion: Ride on CH Swingin...
Posted: Apr 20, 2014 (12:45:07 PM) | Updated: Apr 20, 2014 (03:15:22 PM)

Ride a Champion:
Ride on CH Swingin and Singin - Careen DuBuc Cardin
Drive with Mr's Bones- Andrea Chickering Sawyer
Ride on CH Callaway's Forty-Niner - Lyndsey Gama
Drive with Crystal Creek's Commander - Emily Ann Baker
Ride on CH Extremely Fortunut - Anne Dambrosio-Tasch
Ride on Brend V - Christin Bailey
Drive with Military Secret - Cheryl Innis
Ride on Mr. Center Stage - Lexi Pearson
Drive with Dun Have Truly Impressive- Renee Piazza
Drive with The Spiderman - Anne Dambrosio-Tasch
Ride on Monnington Monarchee - Carla Greenside
Ride on CBMF Designer Touch - Lori Patmore Bailey
Ride on WC Zanetti - Katelyn Houghton
Ride on RWC RDZ Magie Noir- Stefanie Sibley
Ride on WC MEM Bailamos - Roxanne Sardelli
Ride on WC SDMF Designed Reflection- Shane Darnell
Ride on Equinox Bossanova- Roxanne Sardelli
Ride on "The Mystery Package" from KGA- Roxanne Sardelli
Ride on KJM Five Star - Erica Reddy
Ride on RWC CBMF Street Legal - Rose Piazza
Ride on WC Epona's Mo' O Lio - Sara Pizzuto
Ride on SLB Andiamo - Erica Makrys Reddy
Ride on Queen's Soul Mate - Leslie Kelley
Drive with WC Get Busy - Andrea Chickering Sawyer
Drive with JW Raire Review - Melissa Bonk
Ride on CH Callaway's Winning Number - Malissa Welke
Ride on CH Swing and Singin - Careen DuBuc Cardin

Lesson Packages:
Barbara Irvine- Lisa DeNuzzo
Page and Amy Champion- Holly Scribner
Taylor River - Sara Johnson
KGA- Tricia Morrison
Cater Stables - Ann Porte
High Caliber Stables- Sarah Tirpak
Kierson Farm - Jean Lefteratos
Cedar Spring - Andrea Chickering Sawyer
High Tail Acres - Erica Makrys Reddy
Judy Nason - Selina Cloutier
CPM - Amy Bean
Fairview Farm - Diane Casey
Cottonwood Creek - Cathryn Morris
Sterling Training Center - Janie Brooks Denning
Jean Degutis- Barbara Adams-Grasso
Heather Luedtke - Racquel McGee

Stallion Breedings:
Ancan True Colors - Emily Schmidt Curtis
Astronomicallee - Cindy Lundgren
Cartier - Kori Page
Futurity French Command - David Rand
Illegal Motion - Genevieve Kendell-Hayes
Master Class - Kristie Myles Mehovic
The Spiderman - Trace Anderson
WC Spice O Life Present Tense GCH- Alphastar Morgans

Training Services:
Lowry Stables - Katherine Meints
Majestic Oaks - Allison Walker
High Caliber Stables - Allen Bosworth
Cater Stables- Hannah Medico

Vacation Homes:
Harwichport Cape House - Debra St Laurent
Vacation Home in California - Brian Wheaton
Maine Vacation Home - Brenda Hansen-Coats
Cape House donation from the Codeann family - Jay Kleiber
Lake Ossipee, NH Vacation Home - Hope Perrault

Photoshoot with Andy Illes - Bryna Watson
Kindle Fire and Gift Certificate- Barbara Matthews
11x14 painting on canvas by acclaimed artist Jeanne Newton Schoborg - Jay Kleiber
Weekend at Braeburn - Andy Illes

For payment please send all checks written out to Ken Logan Fund. Mail to Cater Stables. 1201 Montalona Road Dunbarton, NH 03046

Went to church this morning with my hubby Jerry Allen...
Posted: Apr 20, 2014 (10:38:54 AM) | Updated: Apr 20, 2014 (11:43:58 AM)
Went to church this morning with my hubby Jerry Allen and my mother in law Lisa Kelley. Service was good. Now time for an Easter egg hunt for the kids and a cookout. Today is a good day! :)

Much love and respect to Jenika LaShae Sereene Allen, Kendall...
Posted: Apr 20, 2014 (08:24:32 AM) | Updated: Apr 20, 2014 (08:35:47 PM)
Much love and respect to Jenika LaShae Sereene Allen, Kendall Kelley and Street Commitee Radio on a dope 420 show.Preciate yall rockin wit ya boi.Shout out Spaceship Ohayses fa keepin the scene alive#wildoutwednesdays Rickytharapper Dubb Djrt Zy, Bryan Rogers and Brian Dixon Barrett Allday for coming out. Iam DjLadyjaroq for comin out and showin love and for the Kush Klouds look on ya new mixtape..

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Thank you everyone who made my Bday so special! All your wishes and kind words meant the world to me!! A special thanks to Steven S. Smith, Courtney Cox Cole, Monica Peck, Kristi Greathouse Quick, Tina FranceMahorney, Stephanie Boram Emery, Tracee Meyer Allen, Kelley Wiley, Melody Matulewic, Cheyanne Price, and Alan Price, Ally Conner, Jamie and Conner Smith, and Emily Robison!! Jeff Kurtz and clan!! And the in laws!! I'm a lucky girl

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Hello everyone! So I started selling AVON and would love for everyone to look on my new site! Please feel free to check it out. AVON is great for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. Its not just for women, it's for anyone! We have a ton of sales starting!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I'm thankful for my kids Fatiana Gresham, Prince, Rob, Metrias Williams and my sister Sunshine Candy, my brothers Tyree Williams, P, and Robert RB Williams and my neighbor Ronica Kelley-Allen they have my back and I wanna say thank you all for being there even when you barely had the time or money to be's just good to know there is still genuine people in the world! I don't believe it's a coincidence because I believe God places us all in certain positions because it's part of the plan. I just wanna say I love you all and God Bless you with double portions!!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Please Post What Makes You Most HAPPY in ONE WORD! :)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I may not survive a week of school break with this weather. I've exhausted all my tricks today including a rock paper scissors tournament, an art contest, a hip hop dancing performance, a Wrecking Ball singing contest, fort building, hot potato, Wii and a trip to Toys R Us. Please send entertainment asap.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)


Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
It's the "well, its only 4 inches, but isn't it beautiful? No? What do you mean, no? I thought everyone loved....more snow!" edition of The Pulse Morning Show!

Rep. Stephen Stanley says Maine needs a cold case homicide unit, and he's submitted legislation to see one created. He talks with Don about reactions to the idea from fellow lawmakers and the Governor's office.

Mark Kelley heads the journalism program at the New England School of Communications, and he wants to know, " Do YOU trust the American news media?" Call Don and Mark at 942-6200 to share your answer...and the reasons why you do or do not trust the news here in the US.

Wednesday means entrepreneurs are invading the studio! Don gets a visit from yet another participant in the UMaine TOP GUN entrepreneur accelerator program.

Great guests, news with Paul Allen, sports with Toby Nelson, and your chance to snag some tickets to see Lonestar at the Collins Center for the Arts playing "Who The Hell Is This?" The Pulse Morning SHSow, 6:00am to 9:00 am on WZON!

News, Talk , Sports Radio Station

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Julian and I were talking today and we realize there's part of us that miss Macomb and some of the people there but on the other hand we are so thankful and happy to be out of there!!! That is not a place for a young couple/family. We need a reunion!!! Chelsey Cockroft Cherish Evans Jake Allen Kanye Reeves Kelley Martin Derek Riffey Jamall Howleit Dashira Birmingham Brook Diffenderffer and whomever else I missed!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
#20. "Always look to the future and never for immediate compensation. What are you going to do with those weekly wages anyways? Stop being so entitled and pretending like you deserve cash, prizes and vacations just yet. You will soon realize once you’ve made it that making money doesn’t make you happy. It’s the journey." Your 20s compose undoubtedly the most pivotal time in your life. While there are plenty of temptations and distractions, the decisions you make here are tr

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Hello Everyone,

I hope this post finds you all well. I want to take a moment to personally thank you all for your efforts with the May 4th event with Jim Plunkett at the Montvale Plaza. Proceeds raised at the event benefited the Somerville Home. We had about one hundred and thirty people join us for a night of delicious food as Jim encouraged the crowd to sing along and dance!

From what I observed and the feedback received this was by far the most well received of all our fundraisers. Attendees enjoyed the food, dessert and entertainment. Those that wanted to dance did so and many joined in dancing/singing from their seats. The room was full of smiles and many enjoyed how he warmed the crowd up with music trivia. For once we were able to have a fundraiser that did not task the staff working the entire evening. Most had to work the first hour and then were able to enjoy the evening with their friends, family and colleges.

Regina (Gina) Johnson was onsite drawing profile sketches for a donation to the Somerville Home. Her services were able to bring in an additional $100 (!

As of May 14th the Jim Plunkett event raised $11,920. When offset with the expenses of $6,325 we raised $5,595. Today we received an additional $752 check for the online ticket sales and some money will likely continue to trickle in from silent auction winners and those who were unable to attend.

Silent Auction baskets were by far more successful and lucrative than the raffle tickets had been in the past. In fact we raised $1,486.

Table Sponsorships raised $5,125.

General cash donations raised $1,125.

In-Kind donations were valued at $3,214. A special thanks to the members of the 2012 fundraising committee and staff (Allen, Nelson, Anthony, Cathy, Michelle, Sari, Nancy, Janete).

I could not have pulled this event off 32 weeks pregnant without all these amazing people. I truly hope I have not left anyone off my acknowledgements if so please know it was not done intentionally.

My personal goal was to raise at least half of the fundraising goal before my maternity leave. I am pleased to announce that as of today we have raised over $11,000 of our $15,000 goal.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming dining for a cause event at the Flatbread Pizza Co. in Davis Square. Remember you help make the event a success by spreading the word, eating pizza there the night of or ordering take out. All you have to do is to get people to order pizza on August 21st. More information and flyers will follow. However, I would love to have staff write a couple sentences about their favorite pizza to help promote the event.

Thank you,
Kelley (Leuchter) Sferrazza
Somerville Home, Inc.
Civil Air Patrol members from across the state attended the conference in West Springfield.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Omg lmao Heather Allen Kelley Boyce shared For Fuggs Sake Now That is Funny's photo.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Post the 1st ten people on your friends list

1 - Running around topless singing "jingle Bells": Craig Bevil III
2 - Spiked the punch and drank most of it: Allen Miller (same as Frostys)
3 - Dancing on the desk singing "Can't touch This" Amy Hunt Young
5 - Spinning around in office chair: Kyle Cole
6 - Locked in bathroom passed out on the toilet: Lacy Fenn
7 - Passed out under the desk: Kelley Eastburn Qualls
8 - Sitting on copier making Christmas cards: Kristi Howard
9 - Throwing fruitcake at people outside: Ashley Weers Dominguez
10 - Making out with Santa: Brady Brink (sorry) maybe it was Mrs Santa

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Nikki Sneed Greg Guymon Kelley Allen Skelton Kim Guymon-Lemoult I am so sad to hear about Uncle Bob. He was an amazing man. Love you all.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Kelley Allen-Bunting Last month, as actors on U.S. late night shows each took turns impersonating Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, a surprising number decided to portray the chief executive with a stereotypical Canadian accent - nasal, slow and punctuated with "ehs" and "aboots."

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
With 2014 around the corner we wanted to show our gratitude and say a big *** THANK YOU*** to a few people who have made this an amazing and special year..........

Thank you Maureen and Andrew Masia
Thank you Bob and Brigid Kenney
Thank you Eric Harlan
Thank you Sam Striker
Thank you Kimberly Dondzila
Thank you Brendan Chapman
Thank you Pam Patterson
Thank you Jin Zhang
Thank you Josh Ding
Thank you Natasha Petach
Thank you Jillian Pekel
Thank you Kirby Reis
Thank you Brandie Park
Thank you Heather Mapes
Thank you Tom Liewer
Thank you Ken Lear
Thank you Stefanie Thompson
Thank you Sarah Ward
Thank you Gary Polson
Thank you Jim Majeski
Thank you Vera Quinn
Thank you Kathleen Quinn Gorlitz
Thank you Jackie Kowal
Thank you Brian & Vanessa McCafferey

We also want to wish a warm welcome to our newest team members! We are excited to help you hit your goals this year!!!

Jessica Masia
Shanna Kelley
Allen Stepney
Jason Ferguson
Stacy Alexander
Anthony Williams
Marcus Cooper

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
WOW . . . That's all I can think of to say !!! CONGRATULATIONS to all the players selected to the MS vs AL Senior All-Star Game and to the juniors selected to play in the MHSAA North vs South All-Star Game. Both games will be played in Jackson, MS this March.

N.M.B. Hoop Dreams in the MS vs AL Game:
Kelley Allen from Puckett High
Frederica Haywood from Mound Bayou "JFK" High
Kim Mallory from Fulton "IAHS" High
Victoria Vivians from Scott Central High

N.M.B. Hoop Dreams in the North vs South Game:
Marlee Hatcher from Pontotoc High
Abria Gulledge from H.W. Byers High
Jaleigha Polk from Tupelo High
Jabria Pounds from Nettleton High
Also. . .
Zaida Cox of Ripley High
Grace Elliott of New Site High

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
i will have passed this world, after walking through it, but from his almighty, i never walked alone. wrote by kelley allen, to everyone that reads it. Kelley Stephens Allen shared Simply Spiritual Living's photo.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
With my sunshine. I love you Glen Allen Kelley.....

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I love you, Stephen Allen Kelley.
Chevin Woodruff shared Happy Wives Club's photo.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Héctor Elizondo (born December 22, 1936) is an American actor. Elizondo's first major role was that of "God" in the play Steambath, for which he won an Obie Award. Since then Elizondo has participated in over eighty films and has made numerous television appearances, including his Emmy Award-winning role on the series Chicago Hope.

Elizondo was born in New York City, the son of Carmen Medina Reyes and Martín Echevarría Elizondo, a notary public and accountant.His paternal grandfather was a Basque from Spain, and his maternal grandparents were from the Canary Islands.His parents moved from Puerto Rico to New York City, with the hope of finding a better way of life.

At a young age, Elizondo demonstrated a talent in sports and music. He sang for the Frank Murray Boys' Choir when he was 10 years old. Upon graduating from Jr. High School in 1950, he enrolled in the High School of the Performing Arts. He also attended another public high school where he excelled in basketball and baseball. His baseball skills were good enough for him to be scouted by both the San Francisco Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In 1954, Elizondo enrolled in City College of New York, intending to become a history teacher. However, during his freshman year he became a father and dropped out of college, going to work full-time in order to support his family. Later, he divorced and gained full custody of his son, Rodd.

From 1962 to 1963, Elizondo studied dance at the Ballet Arts Company at Carnegie Hall. In 1965 he landed a part in the Off-Broadway show Kill the One-Eyed Man;in 1968, he got a part in The Great White Hope.[8] His first major success came when he played "God" in guise of a Puerto Rican steam room attendant in the play Steambath. Elizondo won an Obie award for his performance. Many of his roles involve playing a friend or sympathizer to the lead character. As a voice-actor, he played Bane, one of the more aggressively themed characters in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.In 1974, Elizondo played against type as ex-mafioso-turned-subway hijacker "Mr. Grey" in The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Elizondo starred as a Puerto Rican widower on the CBS television series, Popi, which aired during the 1975-1976 television season.The short-lived series, which ran for eleven episodes, was one of the first American network television series to feature a Latino theme and cast.He was a member of the cast of the 1985-1986 CBS situation comedy Foley Square.

In the 1980s, Elizondo befriended Garry Marshall; Marshall was impressed with his talent and it was to become a lifelong friendship, which would bring benefits for both. Their first movie together was Young Doctors in Love. In some of the movies in which Elizondo appeared, he went uncredited and he would not have minded staying that way for the movie Pretty Woman; however, it was Marshall who insisted on crediting him. His role in Pretty Woman only lasted 10 minutes, but it led to his receiving a Golden Globe nomination. In 1999, he guest-starred in Runaway Bride as "Fisher" the husband of the male protagonist's ex. Elizondo has participated in over 80 movies and 17 of them have been Marshall's.[9] In fact, Elizondo has appeared in every movie that Marshall has directed. Elizondo also had a brief appearance as a fisherman in the movie Overboard which starred Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

n 2001, he was featured in the short-lived television drama Kate Brasher and portrayed security head Joe in the movie The Princess Diaries, a role he reprised in the 2004 sequel, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

He is probably best known to the television audience as Dr. Phillip Watters on the CBS television series Chicago Hope created by well known television creator David E. Kelley. He has won both an Emmy and ALMA award and was nominated for a Satellite Award and several SAG Awards for playing this role. He is one of only two people to remain on the show for its entire run, the other being Adam Arkin.

On April 30, 2008, it was announced by USA Network that Elizondo would become Adrian Monk's new therapist, Dr. Neven Bell,on the award-winning series Monk.Elizondo replaced actor Stanley Kamel, who died suddenly on April 8, 2008.

In 2011, Elizondo became a main cast member on the new ABC comedy Last Man Standing, which stars Tim Allen.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Love u Allen Kelley

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
A huge happy birthday 2 my oldest son Allen Kelley I love u so much 23 years old wow how that time flew by

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Ernest Allen Vera Jean Victoria Sanders Green Kelley McDade-Parker Edward Henderson Aaron Tyler Latoria Dotson Natalie Duhon Natalie LeadingLady Jones Let the family gatherings begin!!! Haaaaaa!!!! He killed it though! Must listen!!!! 1Like = He Killed It Lmao :-)

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Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I know I am going to get a beat down for this post, but I have to ask the question. I know I am Bloomberg Democrat (socially liberal and fiscal conservative) but Wal-Mart has been taking a beating lately and I am not sure I am completely understand the argument.
Wal-Mart is accused of keeping wages low, denying part time employees benefits (even if they work 39 hours) and forcing their employees to work Holidays, right?
Did these employees believe they were full time employees when they were hired?
Wal-Mart is notorious for their practices, why apply for a job there?
Last time I looked that is the goal of business to keep cost low and earnings high? No one is forced to work at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is where they choose to work? But we are arguing that it is not fair? That is not their responsibility…. If they are bad people, so be it… We can choose to go elsewhere…. If people are having a hard time finding a job and feel Wal-Mart is the only one hiring, then work there until you can find a better employer… But this is the Wal-Mart way.
I don’t like the store and rarely (if ever) go there ( I have gone in a Wal-Mart max twice in last two years), I am just saying people have a choice to work and shop there. Wal-Mart is not the government agencies responsible to help people and has no requirement to be good to society (though I understand they have a lot of philanthropic stuff they do). They are a business. As long as they are in accordance with the laws of today, what is the issue?

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