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Rest In Peace Beverly Reed. You will be dearly missed. Hollywood!

-Marie Gratton Daly
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Discovering his missing girlfriend, Heather Richmond, on his doorstep with a baby was a shock for...

Traces the history of the Hemings family from early eighteenth-century Virginia to their dispersal...

It's days like this I'm beyond blessed my Mother Carol...
Posted: Apr 19, 2014 (03:28:10 PM) | Updated: Apr 19, 2014 (04:20:33 PM)
It's days like this I'm beyond blessed my Mother Carol Lassiter came and helped me and Sydney with so many things around the house and my Mother in law Shirley Bowman Borren has been preparing our Easter dinner for tomorrow all day!!!!! And my Ma Beverly Reed Lassiter came and visited Enman today!!!!! Thankful for these 3 women!!!!!!:)))))

Phyllis Viles And Shane and boys and Beverly, thank you...
Posted: Apr 18, 2014 (11:19:10 PM) | Updated: Apr 18, 2014 (11:48:45 PM)
Phyllis Viles And Shane and boys and Beverly, thank you for helping us move on Saturday, William Reed, thanks for the use of your truck.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Tomorrow is Waterville Main Street's Holiday Open House! Join us in a celebration of art featuring the pottery of Nancy Meader, the artwork of Abbott Meader and, inside, the artwork of the Waterville Area Art Society! The Framemakers shared Waterville Main Street's event.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
The Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences has rescinded the Oscar nomination for Best Song to ‘Alone Yet Not Alone,’ a song from the film of the same name. The song is sung by Jone Eareckson Tada, a 64-year old Christian quadriplegic who is a best-selling author and radio host. The decision by the Academy has drawn protests of anti-Christian bias from religious groups like Faith & Freedom Coalition.

It was the first time in history that the Academy has rescinded an Oscar nomination because of alleged ethical grounds, accusing the song’s composer of improperly campaigning. However, big-budget films and major studios annually engage in multi-million dollar Oscar campaigns for their movies. The Academy’s punitive action singled out a Christian, small-budget film for punishment.

“The decision by the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences to withdraw the Best Song nomination for ‘Alone Yet Not Alone,’ which contains a powerful message of faith, is blatantly discriminatory and just the latest example of Hollywood’s apparent hostility to expressions of faith in God,” said Ralph Reed, chairman of Faith & Freedom Coalition. “This selective and harsh enforcement regarding contact with Academy Award voters is unfair, wrong, and smacks of anti-Christian bias. We urge the Academy to reinstate the nomination or risk needlessly offending tens of millions of Americans of faith and movie-goers.”

Contact Dawn Hudson, CEO of the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences today and urge her to reinstate the Oscar nomination of “Alone Yet Not alone.”

Academy Headquarters
8949 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90211
Phone: (310) 247-3000
Email: Click here to send an email

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
2013 on a Blue Abstract Background - 42"W x 19"H - Peel and Stick Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys.

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Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Me an the Boii #LOC NEW #JOINT
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Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
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Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
This is Black History Month and I thought I would try every so often this month to share about an African American or two in Bedford County's history that made a name for him or herself.
I starting this off by celebrating slaves: John Hemings, and nephews, Beverly, Madison, and Eston (all children of Sally Hemings). All four of these men belonged to President Thomas Jefferson and all four made a HUGE difference in the structure and quality of work at Poplar Forest.
John "was born into slavery at Monticello in 1776. As a teenager, he was apprenticed to several woodworkers with whom he refined his skills in carpentry and woodworking. By 1809 John Hemings had become the master joiner at Monticello. He had been sent to Poplar Forest to work on finishing the house, and is likely to have been involved in the original roof construction for the wing (Travis McDonald, Personal Communication). Documents reveal that John Hemings and his apprentices were working on repairs to the terrace roof later in 1825 (TJ to John Hemings, August 17, 1825, MHi).
Beverly was one of Sally Heming’s sons, and nephew to John Hemings. It is possible that Beverly worked on the construction of the wing in 1814 as an apprentice to his uncle (TJ Memorandum Book, Apr 19, 1814, see Bear and Stanton (1997); Gordon-Reed 2008: 620-621). He would not have been involved with the repairs in 1825 (Gordon- Reed 2008: 621), because Beverly was listed in Jefferson’s Farm Book as a runaway in 1822 (Betts 1987: 130; Brodie 1974: 435, 473). Along with some of his other siblings, Beverly was described as being able to “pass”, meaning that he was an African-American of a lighter skin complexion, and therefore able to move into white society and live as a white person (Brodie 1974: 473; Stanton 2000: 116-117; Gordon-Reed 2008: 284, 601).
Madison, son of Sally Hemings, was apprenticed to his uncle John Hemings at the age of 14 (Brodie 1974: 475; Gordon-Reed 1997: 22). Born in 1805, Madison would probably have been too young to work on the initial construction of the wing; however, he may have been involved in repairing the wing in 1825. Regarding these repairs, Jefferson wrote to his grandson Francis Eppes who began living at Poplar Forest full time in 1823, “I will spare J. Hem. to you & his two aids and he can repair everything of wood as well or perhaps better than any body there” (TJ to Francis Eppes, Feb 17, 1825, ViU). Madison may have been one of these aids.
Eston was also apprenticed to his uncle John Hemings, and likely worked on repairs to the wing in 1825 (TJ to Francis Eppes, Feb 17, 1825, ViU). Eston would have been around 17 years of age, and was probably one of the two unnamed “aids” referenced above. Jefferson identified these two boys by name in his Codicil to his will, “I also give John Hemings the services of his two apprentices, Madison and Eston Hemings, until their respective ages of twenty-one years…” (TJ Codicil, March 17, 1826, ViU)."

"" One of the main goals of the Wing Re-analysis project is to identify the individuals who built the wing of offices, the people who were employed within the structure, and those who controlled what ...

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
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Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Black History Month is being celebrated and the Bedford Museum & Genealogical Library is celebrating individuals that made a contribution to Bedford County. This time is John Hemings and his nephews that used their skills to work on Poplar Forest. One of the main goals of the Wing Re-analysis project is to identify the individuals who built the wing of offices, the people who were employed within the structure, and those who controlled what ...

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Lol Judith Wright Beverly Cuyler Syreeta Reed Tameka Hamlet Joe Wright Domeah Gisel Vermoique Wright Man Sees Wife First Time After Surgery

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Donna Summer Four Seasons Of Love EX '76 Poster nhk2l8084ath59c jxo94b mb7r12s.

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Summer (four seasons series) Four seasons of love Donna summer four seasons of love ex '76 poster Four seasons of love Vivaldi: the four seasons The donna reed show: season 4 - the lost episodes Seasons of prayer: rediscovering classic prayers through the christian calendar Four seasons of love The beverly hillbillies: the official fourth season Summer and winter: a weave for all seasons Gold medal summer Platinum hit season 1 Mad men: season four.

More: Review Donna Summer Four Seasons Of Love EX '76 Poster, jh6r9h35, Images fetg2p75, o9k17ark4.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Ian Thomas Stenger-Morgante shared "Work for you"'s photo. 90% of our photos will and does have a link to Ireland we hope you enjoy enough to share and help us continue to grow

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Getting ready to go eat lunch with Karen Smithson & hopefully Brenda Pylant. Mexican, yum! Beverly Reed, if you're coming over you are welcome to go too. Meeting at Los Arcos in Arab at 1.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Starline Enter Tainment shared a link. Maze & Frankie Beverly, Jeff Reed, Cameo, Chuck Brown, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Kurtis Blow, Dazz Band - Old School Backyard Bar-b-q Hosted by DJ TARIQUE - Free Mixtape Download or Stream

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Starline Enter Tainment shared a link. Maze & Frankie Beverly, Jeff Reed, Cameo, Chuck Brown, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Kurtis Blow, Dazz Band - Old School Backyard Bar-b-q Hosted by DJ TARIQUE - Free Mixtape Download or Stream

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Just sat my ass down after slaving in the kitchen!! 2nd 4th of July Party tomorrow made chicken wings, fruit dip and cut up fruit and made 3 different kind of chocolate bark ( chocolate M & M, heathbar and oreo) and then cleaned up the kitchen...exhausted and ready for bed! GOOD LUCK to my nephew Sam Reed in tomorrows Beverly West Williamsport game (4-0).....GO BEVERLY WEST!!!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Wishing a Happy Birthday to some of my favorite Sorors who share the same birthday!! Stacy Temoney Stacy Simmons Forbes Beverly Reed Johnson Kemay Jackson Shelly Briscoe

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Today me and my sister lost the most important Lady in me and big sister life my mom Beverly reed my sister dawn reed is the most strongest lady I no I love her so much sister you will be ok

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I wanna thank my mother BEVERLY ANN REED and my father ROBERT BATTEN SR. for making such a BOMB ASS daughter LMAO :)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Tori - Photo Green Reed rtz0811vr1b6ars 1892334689265 2354025985878.

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Fox hill trading iron werks beijing reeds metal wall sculpture - 41w x 62.5h in. Beverly hills 90210 brian austin green tori spelling 8x10 photo l2272 Tori amos from the choirgirl hotel 4 song sampler Preserved grass, reeds and pods in tole planter Silk fan palms, marsh reeds and lotus pods in shallow tray Abbey blessing plaque Our lady of knock religious prayer candle / oracion a nuestra senora de knock novena vigil candle (wild irish rose perfumed green wax) Beverly hills 90210 photo collection (japan import) Sabon aroma reed diffuser, green valley, 3.87 fl. oz. Imax reeds migration wood wall decor, set of 3 Autographed/hand signed ron reed & dallas green 8x10 photo philadelphia phillies Uma enterprises 68500 loft nature metal tree wall decor, 93 by 41-inch, antique brown/green.

More: Review Tori - Photo Green Reed, wkd6r3, Images tt9q109, p06kw4.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Andrew Gary Paul Montreuil shared Elements Cenla's photo.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Sherman “Charlie” Ruggles (Feb 8, 1886 – Dec 23, 1970) comic American actor. In a career spanning six decades, Ruggles appeared in close to 100 feature films. He was also the brother of director, producer, and silent actor Wesley Ruggles (1889–1972). Background----------Charlie Ruggles was born in Los Angeles, California in 1886. Despite training to be a doctor, Ruggles soon found himself on the stage, appearing in a stock production of Nathan Hale in 1905. At Los Angeles's Majestic Theatre, he played the romantic lead Private Jo Files in L. Frank Baum and Louis F. Gottschalk's musical, The Tik-Tok Man of Oz in 1913. He moved to Broadway to appear in Help Wanted in 1914. His first screen role came in the silent Peer Gynt the following year. Throughout the 1910s and 1920s Ruggles continued to appear in silent movies, though his passion remained the stage, appearing in long-running productions such as The Passing Show of 1918, The Demi-Virgin and Battling Butler. His most famous stage hit was one of his last before a twenty year hiatus, Queen High, produced in 1930.

From 1929, Ruggles appeared in talking pictures. His first was Gentleman of the Press in which he played a comic, alcoholic newspaper reporter. Throughout the 1930s he was teamed with comic actress Mary Boland in a string of domestic farces, notably Six of a Kind, Ruggles of Red Gap, and People Will Talk; Boland was the domineering wife and Ruggles the mild-mannered husband. Ruggles is best remembered today as the big-game hunter in Bringing Up Baby. In other films he often played the "comic relief" character in otherwise straight films. In all, he appeared in about 100 movies.

In 1949, Ruggles halted his film career to return to the stage and to move into television. He was the headline character in the TV series The Ruggles, a family comedy in which he played a character also called Charlie Ruggles, and The World of Mr. Sweeney. He guest starred on NBC's The Martha Raye Show. In 1961, Ruggles was cast in "Hassie's European Tour", in which he portrays a wealthy neighbor who offers to finance a European trip for series character Hassie McCoy (Lydia Reed) on ABC's The Real McCoys, starring Walter Brennan.

Ruggles returned to the big screen in 1961, playing Charles McKendrick in The Parent Trap and Mackenzie Savage in The Pleasure of His Company. In the latter film, he reprised the role for which he had won a Tony Award in 1959. He had a recurring guest role on The Beverly Hillbillies in the mid-1960s as Lowell Redlings Farquhar, father-in-law of Milburn Drysdale (Raymond Bailey). Ruggles also played Aunt Clara's (Marion Lorne) old flame, the warlock Hedley Partridge as well as a Mr. Caldwell in the television series Bewitched, with Agnes Moorehead, Dick York, and Elizabeth Montgomery. He also played congressman John Canfield on an episode during the 6th season of the Andy Griffith Show, called "Aunt Bee, The Swinger".

Ruggles also lent his voice to the Aesop and Son features in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show television cartoon series produced by Jay Ward and Bill Scott. Ruggles played Aesop.

Both of his marriages, to Adele Rowland (1914–1921) and Marion LaBarba (1942–1970), ended in divorce.

Ruggles died of cancer at his Hollywood home in 1970 at the age of 84. He was interred in Glendale's Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery.

He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Beverly Reed Smith If you are having a party why not party in style and let us be your designated driver

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