CHAPTER 4 Scholastic Triumphs at Ateneo de Manila (1872 – 1877) •... from Junry Ceballos
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"CHAPTER 4 Scholastic Triumphs at Ateneo de Manila (1872 – 1877) •..."


Scholastic Triumphs at Ateneo de Manila (1872 – 1877)

• Rizal Enter the Ateneo
- Rizal took the entrance examination and pass it all in College of San Juan de Letran
- His father change his mind and decided to send Rizal to Ateneo
- Fr. Ferrendo, refused Rizal because:
1. He was late registration
2. He was sickly and undersized for his age
- With the help of manuel Xerez Burgos, Rizal admitted at Ateneo
- Jose was the first to use the sure name “Rizal”
• Jesuit System of Education
- More advance than of other colleges and it trained the students by rigid discipline and religious instruction.
- Students was divided into two groups
a. Carthaginian Empire – externos (non-boarders) with blue banner
b. Roman Empire – internos (boarders) with red banner
1st – Empire, 2nd – Tribune, 3rd – Decurion, 4th- Centurion, 5th – Standard Bearer
• Rizal’s First Year in Ateneo (1872 – 1873)
- Fr. Jose Bech, Rizal’s first professor
- At first Rizal is a Carthaginian and placed at the bottom of the class but at the end he became an Emperor
• Summer Vacation
- Rizal went to Santa Cruz and visited his mother in prison. He told his brilliant grades and his mother became happy.
• Second Year in Ateneo (1873 - 1874)
- Rizal receives excellent grades in all subjects and a gold medal as he rank as an Emperor.
• Prophecy of a Mother’s Pease
- Rizal interprets his mothers dream that she would be released from prison in three months time and it became true.
• Teenage Interest in Reading
- Rizal became interested in reading romantic novels
- The count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumes was his first favorite novel.
• Third Year in Ateneo (1874 – 1875)
- Rizal did not make excellent showing in his study, even all his grades marked excellent, he only won one medal in Latin
• Fourth Year in Ateneo (1875 – 1876)
- He became interno
- His professor that time is father Sanchez who inspired Rizal to study harder and write poetry.
- He topped all his classmates in all subjects and won five medals at the end of the school.
• Last Year in Ateneo
- Rizal excelled in all subject, he was truly the “pride of Jesuit”
• Graduation with Highest Honors
- On Commencement Day, March 23, 1877, Rizal received from his Alma Mater, the degree of Bachelor Arts with the highest honors.
• Extra – Curricular Activities in Ateneo
- He is an active member, later secretary of the Marian Congregation.
- He is also a member of the Academy or Spanish literature and the Academy of Natural Sciences.
- Fr. Villaclara advice Rizal to stop communing with the muses and pay more attention to his students.
- Rizal also learned the following:
a. Painting under Agustin Sace
b. Sculpture under Romualdo de Jesus
c. Gymnastics and fencing under Tio Manuel
• Sculptural Work in Ateneo
- Rizal amazed Jesuit Fathers as ha carved the image of the Virgin Mary on a piece of batikuling with his pocket knife.
• Anecdotes on Rizal, the Ateneo
- One of his anecdotes is when he helps Julio Melizo to get the kite on the belfry of the Manila Cathedral.
• Poems Written in Ateneo
- My First Inspiration, first poem made by Rizal which is dedicated to his Mother.
• 1875
- Felicitation
- The Departure: Hymn’s to Magellan’s Fleet
- And He is Spanish: Elceno, The First to Circumnavigate the World.
- The Bottle: Urbiztondo, Terror of Jolo
• 1876
- In Memory of My Town: Honor to Calamba
- Intimate Alliance Between Religion and Good Education
- Through Education the Country Receives Light
- The Captivity and the Triumph: Battle of Lucere and the Imprisonment of Boabdi.\
- The Triumph el Entry of the Catholic Menarche into Grenedo.
• 1877
- Heroism of Columbus
- Columbus and John II
- Great Solace and Great Misfortune
- A Farewell Dialogue of a Student
• Dramatic Work in Ateneo
- Fr. Sanchez requested Rizal to write a drama based on the prose story of St. Eustace the martyr.
- The priest-teacher read the drama St. Eustace the martyr and facilitated Rizal for a work well done.
• First Romance of Rizal
- When Rizal visited his grandmother on Tronzo, Manila, he fell in love with one of the guest Segunda Katigbak
- Rizal came to know more about Segunda Katigbak during his visit to La Concordia College, where his sister Olympia was a boarding student. It was apparently that Rizal and Segunda love each other.
- But at the end, their romances were failed because of the strong winds that stop the streamer where Segunda ride to Biñan.

• Misfortune in Madrid (1890 – 1891)
- Rizal arrives to Madrid. He tries all regal reams to seek for justice for his family and the Calamba Tenants.

• Failure to Get Justice for His Family
- Rizal sought the help of Filipino Colony
Together with Marcelo H. Del Pilar and Dr. Gomez, he called on Senior Fabio in order to protect the injustices committed by Gov. Gen Weyler and Dominicans but nothing came up with Minister Fabio
- Rizal sought the aid of the Liberal Spanish Statesmen, but he was disappointed again.
• Rizal’s Eulogia to Panganiban
- Rizal praises his talented co-worker in the Propaganda Movement, Jose Ma. Panganiban, who died in Barcelona on august 19, 1890 after a lingering illness.
• Aborted Duel with Antonio Luna
- Luna was drunk and bitter because of his frustrated romance with Nellie Bousted
- Rizal heard Luna tolerated and bad remarks to Nellie so he challenge it a duel
- Luna realized that he made a fool of himself and he pledge apologizes for his doings.
• Rizal Challenge Retana to Duel
- Retana wrote an article in L Epoca, asserting that the family and friends of Rizal had not paid their rents so they were ejected from Calamba by the Dominicans.
- Rizal was insulted, he challenges Retana a duel. Only Retana’s blood on his apology could vindicate good name of Rizal’s family and friends.
• Infidelity of Leonor Rivera
- Rizal receives a letter from Leonor, announcing her coming marriage to an Englishmen and asking forgiveness to Rizal.
• Rizal – Del Pilar Rivalry
- Rizal tried to incite his compatriots with his own idealism but some of his former admirers turned against him and became supporters of Del Pilar.
- To avert the break-up between Rizal and Del Pilar, the ninety Filipino’s in Madrid patch up Rizal and Del Pilar differences and to intensify the campaign for reform, they would choose their Responsible.
- Del Pilar wrote that the La Solidaridad became a private centerpiece.
- The Filipino’s agreed that the responsible should be elected by a two thirds votes.
• Rizal Abdicates His Leadership
- At the first day of voting, Rizal was winning but he could not obtain the two-thirds vote. And on the second day Rizal again win but he could not obtain the required votes. And at the third day with the help of Mariano Ponce, Rizal obtained the required number of votes and become a responsible.
- Rizal preferred to abdicate his leadership rather than be the cause of disunity at bitterness among his country men.

-Junry Ceballos

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