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Off to the gym with Hannah Harris

-Danny Steven Stirling
Can't wait till after practice Hannah Harris is coming over!!!!!

-Adrian Butrick
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"Cases argued and determined in the courts of Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio,...


Hannah Callender Sansom (1737–1801) witnessed the effects of the tumultuous eighteenth century:...


Being Mommy
Posted: Apr 18, 2014 (04:28:52 AM)

Quote of the day river 2014 If you don't like...
Posted: Apr 19, 2014 (11:22:13 AM)
Quote of the day river 2014

If you don't like beer then just die if thirst !!

Hannah Harris age 6

I'm parent of the year lol

The perks of the roaring 20s and watching 'It's a...
Posted: Apr 18, 2014 (04:00:24 AM)
The perks of the roaring 20s and watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' in AP US history. Love it! With Emily Nadeau, Lupita Perales, Austin Bertuca, Tamara Worden, Ethan Jelsomeno, Hannah Harris, Chelsea Lopez

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Long day, good day....little real estate, some errands for the folks, worked with the 3 horses here, 3 baths, made a spinach & mushroom pizza for Dave & I, cleanup, DONE! Looking forward to judging the Smart Pak Horse Show to see Jenny Harris, Rachel Hannah Marsh, Elizabeth Robinson, and many others from that great gang! But no Xa as he went to JWU Thursday...But yes the convertible :)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
JAKE MILLER IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER!!!!! Amy-Lauren Duru Anna Marie Hernandez Nancy Hannah Paduchowski Courtney Harris OMFG<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Top 15 Gorgeous people 1. Tiffany Maria Harris 2. Mya Deese 3. Gabby Strikland 4. Bethany Brayboy 5. Essianna Locklear 6. Alyssa Clark 7. Taylor Edwards 8. Dakota Jacobs 9. Taylor Currie 10. Annie Lil'Savaqe Jones 11. Kinley Elizabeth Chavis 12. Kaitlyn K. Revels 13. Selena C. Locklear 14. Pilar Jones 15. Hannah Davis I LOVE ALL OF YALL !!! :D

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Oh and good luck to Beth Harris who is performing at the Olympic Closing Ceremony tonight! And well done Hannah Amy Catchpole and Dad on completing your Gamesmaker journey. You've done me and your country proud!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Top 20 Girls <3 Part 1

1. Summer Harris
2. Alyssa Moreno
3. Nessa Stephany Torres
4. Carissa Chothia
5. Hannah Barker
6. Hannah Roudebush
7. Bailey Byrd
8. Christina Kellie Blackwell
9. Courteney Harding
10. Tawayia Jackson

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
When you take a moment to look much more closely at your 45s, sometimes you actually learn something new. ;)
After years of playing "Mojo Hannah" by Betty Harris, Esther Phillips & Tami Lynn, I actually noticed that it has a Jobete publishing credit (aka Motown). I'm dying to know who first recorded this song. If anyone knows give me a holler! Marvin Gaye - Mo Jo Hanna recorded Live on stage LP - 1963 tamla-242

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
10 prettiest girls. (not in order)
Emily Mundt
Hannah Hurst
Abbie Miller
Kelsi Mychele Harris
Sarah Casto
Emily Subrod
Krista Lynn Stankus
Ali Rueter
Dakota Rutkowski
Rena Michals
sorry i took so long. iv been busy.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Congrats to all my sorority girls!! Caroline Beauchaine & Hannah Jordan-AGD, Molly Harris-KD, Caroline Rickard-Pi Phi!! Congrats Congrats! <3

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Thanks, God, for another "musical chairs" summer Sunday! And thanks to the Solis famly from Everett, WA -- James' Mom, Dad, and brother Tim -- who will be here a week! Thanks also to Stan and Mary Roadman from Antioch, CA, where Stan preaches, as well as thanks to Yvette Evans and her sons Solomon and Nathan from Sacramento, CA.

Special thanks to and prayers for Nathan and Lauren Harris with their daughter Hannah and Nathan's Mom, Pettney (who is viting Nathan and Lauren from Denver, CO) for their visit and request for prayers. Their newborn daughter Emma is in U.C. Davis Neonatal Intensive Care.

May God protect, heal, strengthen and comfort little Emma while comforting and strengthening all the family and providing wisdom, insight, skill and effectiveness to those serving Emma.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Sorry it took me soo long .here yall go
1st one
1.Desiree Totman_yhur beautiful nd iwish icould qet that number and associate whicha .but fwm yhu slippin away on me
2.Kyotta Rodgers_boo yhu soo beautiful nd should call me tonight .iwanna show yhu how,ah real boy/man teach ah lady .fwm morr
3.Dazha Mozeke_imiss yhu nd that smile nd body .yhu should stop bein anti nd fwm more inbox me ya number
4.Bianca Stallworth_imiss my bb .yhu so anti but ilove that body attitude nd ya personality fwm more hmu inbox me ya # ima marry your beautiful self :)
5.brittany booker_imiss my boo .yhu beautiful .but yea stop bein shy nd fwm keep in touch .inbox me ya #
6.lauren ann lott_your ah cutie nd should hmu
7.janisha ramey_ihave feelings fa yhu nd yhu kno yhu bad
8.melody collins_yhu so mean to me but ilove yhu text me
9.kylaa brown_yhu mean towards me .nd stay laughin at me
10.taquilla bolden_idk yhu fwm hit my inbox up asap ciara harris-ray_fwm
12.corley hannah bosarge_fwm
13.savannah nelson_fwm
14.destiny farmer_fwm more
15.jalissa ramsey_fwn
16.katlyn michelle b_text me
17.amya dearmon_fwm
18.keauna washington_new friend fwm
19.eboni chi'ann_fwm
20.kristen leanne church_lobe yhu bestie

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
hume shirts tomorrow Delanie Brunet Madison Waner Dillon Murphy Corbin Harris Nick Brasher Naomi Nelson Emily Lacoste Hannah Wijnhamer Marshall Maverick Henley Joe Breuer

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
First Day of school! Use the first 10 friends on your list- No Cheating!
1. Gets lost on campus- Kim Kimberly Johnson
2. Ditches- Ciera Valerga
3. Got suspended- Charlie Monay
4. Visited Principal- Teana York
5. Tripped and Humiliated themselves- Destiny Perkins
6. Hits on the first freshmen they see- Jacob Bennett
7. Hits on Teacher- Samantha McElrath
8. Refuses to eat school lunch- Hannah Langley
9. Gets into a fight- Briar Crawford
10. Steals Issac Harris' Golf Cart- Joshua Schmidt
Hahaha tag your friends! :)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Hannah Harris Fine Art shared a page: Hannah Harris Fine Art. FINE ART GALLERY/ GLOBAL OUTREACH

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Hey yall! PLEASE do me a huge favor and go like the Southen Priss page and then like my photo so I can win a free makeover on my piece! I'm falling behind but just by a few! Click on the picture and it will take you straight there! It just takes a second and will help me out so much! Thanks SO much to everyone who has already liked it! Amber Huffmon Amber Harris Shannon Compton Wes Miller Adam Paul Miller Hannah Smith Jeremiah Jarrell Cattie Jarrell Allie Warner Alicia Scarboro shared Southern Priss's photo. The Contest is on! the Voting will be from August 12-August 17 at 9 p.m.... in order to vote you must first "like" the Southern Priss Fan then to the vote choose the piece you wish to see get a free makeover and "like" it... comments do not count as votes.... please only vote for one piece! Good Luck to everyone!!!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
No one speaks ghetto but there is such thing as speaking white trash Hannah Higginbotham !!!1 with Shyan Harris Nakiyjah Turner Ayoo Kam KarmelPie

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Vinemont 5th Grade Classes:

GUTHRIE: Tyler Brown, Zoey Dunn, Gracie England, Dennis Garcia, Connor Handley, Cameron Looney, Benjamin Mann, Sadie McDonald, Lucas Miller, Mackenzie Miller, Austin Millwood, Cameron Wright, Issac Jones, Heidi Palacios, Carson Partain, Jessica Ortiz-Perez, Allison Powe, Brady Chappell, Wyatt Tomason, Teague Whatley, Dalton Whitehead, Jordan Hall, Lucky Armstrong

KUGLER: Harley Burnie, Parker Sarich, Daniel Flores, Joshua Fuentes, Dalton Harris, Travis Hopper, Hannah Johnson, Gracie Kennedy, Kelsey Lawson, Jazmine Marsh, Dakota McGraw, Sarena Meriwether, Morgan Mikeal, Carlos Monterossas, Kathrine Morton, Desiree Phillips, Sadie Stanley, Hunter Surrett, Gabby Trussell, Wesley Wallis, Jacob Jenkins, Clay Rogers, Noah Minor

MOODY: Olivia Bartlett, Mahala Bennefield, Ethan Boyd, Timothy Carter, Eli Chambers, Brandon Chino, Valerie Cofer, Kanasta Daniel, Dallin Dinkle, Gavin Franklin, Mackenzie Garrett, Colby Groce, Jack Hill, Lexie Mahathy, Zander Noblett, Zoie Pair, Caleb Pierce, Kinlee Puckett, Elizabeth Rivera, Hannah Roland, Jayden Sullins, Max Wilson, Emily Mathis

PAGE: Blake Arrington, Matthew Brown, Destiny Chino, Nicholas Coker, Emily Dyer, Dalton Giles, Jake Griggs, Owen Yarbrough, Cameron Hanson, Jacqueline Hays, Abby Jennings, Katch Johnson, Troy Johnson, Carter Lindsey, Chloe Morgan, Bailey Preiss, Ivy Preiss, Waylon Roden, Shyanne Steele, Nathan Tucker, Graham Nelson, Ty Jorgensen

Just posting in case somebody wants to know!!!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
my friends are

GIRLS- Kate S. Sizemore, Hannah Jo Williams, Kayla Harris, Destiney Marcum,Tiffany Belt, Brooklyn Harris

BOYS- Conrad Stepp, Ryann, Lucas Matt Sizemore, Ray Ray Eversole, Sean Duddey, Cameron Sester,

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Rebecca Gavzy Amy-Lauren Duru Anna Marie Hernandez Courtney Harris Bella Lopes Nancy Hannah Paduchowski Lyndsey Nicole Gottesman shared "do me a favor?" "does it involve me getting up?" " yes." "then no."'s photo.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Hannah Harris your song (before he cheats) is on pandora :)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
hahaha, funny day with... Tobi Harris, Tristan Murrell, Harry Pole, Mia Parsons, Hannah Murphy, Grace Weller, Josh Pisani, Hannah Mollie Katie Robinson.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
It is very hot a beautiful outside... Just like Hannah Harris!!!!!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I Love Hannah Harris Soo MUCH~!!!!!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
soooo,tho i love so many ppl here in the gump im more then extatic to move to millbrooke ill hate leaving everyone but itll happen and its just gonna be a semi new start for me,i will continue to fuck with my crew here in the montgomery but this place is evil and nothing but drama.cant wait to see my ppl. Douglas Newman De'Vonte Harris Dustin Newman Darian Baker Hannah Lowery Heather Blietz,and anyne else who i will meet in my time there just gonna have a great time and make the best of it.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
this was the most hardest , 10 Gorgeous People i had to do so before i post this list i want yall to know all yall is Gorgeous (:
1 . David Flocka Limbacher
2 . Connor Andrew Pate
3. Justin Clark
4 . Brandon Jacobs
5 . cody locklear
6 . Ashlan Danae and Kinley Elizabeth Chavis
7 . Shania Harris
8 . Cyla Shyann Clark
9 . Kenleigh Callahan
10. Hannah Locklear .

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Truth is videos from Hannah Harris and I? Like it up! <3

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