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Happy birthday to my iam miss pinky!

-Gina Mansker Rouse
Today Miss Pinky became a registered German Shepard dog :)

-Fancy & Feathered Feet
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Marble Day
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (11:31:31 AM)

Sponsor a Pinky Ball in the big race! If you haven't seen the "Running of the Pinkys" yet, you must! Where else in the world do people watch 5,000 pink rubber balls bounce down 2 city blocks through an obstacle course... and win prizes?! You can purchase a "Pinky" # at the following locations.
The Pink Zebra Boutique, DeeDee's Jewelry and Vintage Decor, This and That, EJs on Oak - Coffee Shoppe and Bakery, Moon Marble Company, Bonner Springs Pizza Company, Sunflower Embroidery, Quilting & Fabrics, Interstate Federal, US Bank and Bonner Springs City Hall. Saturday, May 3. Call 816-87-4611 for more information.

Tbh... I never got my pink stamp smh.. Smash/pass.. the...
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (04:50:28 PM) | Updated: Apr 23, 2014 (08:54:35 PM)
Tbh... I never got my pink stamp smh..
Smash/pass.. the lord is my shepherd he know what I want.. miss pinky miss pinky.. lol
SN..lemme come visit you ^^ lol

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Tomorrow is a exciting day for us.
Since March we have taken dogs from the the shelter in Alicante.
In August this year Michele and Tony Mason came on board to be our eyes and ears in the Municipal Perrera in Torrevieja
Miss Pinky Peaches , Fergus and Bacchus the Great Dane came from Torrevieja
Whilst we were there we noticed as it was getting colder that there was a shortage of beds for the dogs to lie on and suitable shelter from the wind and the rain.A plea was put out on the local forum and we managed to obtain beds and a plastic kennel.
We have been very lucky to be sponsored by one of our patrons Pia Seymour-Morris 2000 Euros to supply new plastic kennels to keep the dogs warm and dry .
This will be a very welcome early christmas present for the resident dogs
We will be there at 1pm tomorrow (Friday) .If anyone would like to come along and meets us and find out more about us

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Nikesh Ztc shared I Miss U's photo.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Muchas graciasssss......
Gracias por todos los momentos
que hemos compartido
momentos llenos de sentimientos
y pensamientos compartidos,
sueños y anhelos,
secretos, risas y lágrimas.
Cada preciado segundo quedará atesorado
eternamente en mi corazón.
Gracias por dedicarme tiempo...
tiempo para demostrar tu preocupación por mí,
tiempo para escuchar mis problemas
y ayudarme a buscarles solución,
y sobre todo,
tiempo para sonreir y mostrarme tu afecto.
Gracias por ser lo que eres
una persona maravillosa.
Pude contar contigo
cuando necesitaba en quien confiar
y pedir consejo.
Gracias a ti comencé
a conocerme
e incluso a apreciar lo que soy
y a conocerte y valorarte como persona Antonella
mil y una vez gracias por existir
y darle gracias al Señor por haberte puesto en mi camino
(como si te hubiera perdido toda una vida :) )
no me olvidessss..........

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
A question To all my frnds WHT IS LOVE?

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
True and Awesome Lines... :))

Har ladka pyar majak me suru karta hai
Aur Ladki seriously..
Baad mai ladka serious ho jata hai Aur
Ladki pyar ka majak bana deti
hai...:p :O :D:D

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)

Hi,me ajj apni aapbiti datna batati hu.jab me 16 saal ki thi.mere
padosh me ek ladka rahta tha vo pura femili ke sath rahta ta hum bhi
pure femili ke sath rahte the.hamara batroom ka darvaja nahi ta bus ek
chader badhi hui thi jab me nahane jati thi to wo ladka muje dekha
karta tha aur muth marta mene use kai bar dekha tha wo mujse 7 saal
bada tha.jab wo mere gar me ata tha tab wo muje apni god me bitha leta
tha aur muje jor se apni baho me jakad leta tha aur apna lund meri
gand me sata deta tha aur maza leta tha.ek din jab uske gar me koi
nahi tha to usne muje bulaya aur apne kitabe batane laga jab me kitabe
dekh rahi thi to usne muje pichhe che pakad liya aur muje katiye pa
gira diya aur jor jor se mere bol dabane laga mene legins pehna hua
tha to usne under hath dalke penty ke sath nikal diya fir apna lund
nikal ke meri gand pe rakh diya fir dhire dhire hilne laga wo ekdam
mere upar chad betha tha bad me usne meri gand ke upar tel jesa kuch
lagaya aur dhire dhire meri gand me gusane laga muje bahut dard ho
raha tha miri akha se ansu nikal rahe the 10-15minit ke bad fir usne
meri gand me apna lund gusha diya me jor jor se chikh rahi thi magar
usne muje nahi choda lagbag 20minit ke bad usne apna virya meri gand
me chod diya.fir bi uska lund khada tha fir usne muje sidha litaya aur
meri chut ke upar apna lund rakh diya aur dhire dhire hilne laga magar
meri chut ka muh chota hone se aska lund under ja na saka aur apna
virya bahar hi nikal diya meri gand me bahut dard ho raha tha to usne
meri gand pe ice se malish karne lage aur mujse mafi magne laga aur
kahne laga ki me ye bat kisi ko bataugi to wo kisi ko muh dikhne layak
nahi rahega usne kaha ki wo muje dekhkar roj 3-4 bar muth marta tha to
mene usw kaha ki thi he me kisi se kuch nahi kahungi to usne muje ek
mere hotho pe lumba kiss kiya bad me me apne gar chali gai muje 1hafte
tak gand me dard hota rah.
Story Send By...

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Sooooo sorry gayzzzzzzz I just not able to reply in inbox and if you want talk to me than please comment on my status but only and only in English please frnzzzzzzz .......

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Just saw a cop texting and driving lol hmmm

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Gud nyt frndssss

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Natasha pinki love
Un corazon valiente
By:mon$e la mejor admi
Hasta El Fin De Mi Vida No Dejare De Amar A Eme15""
Las mejores administradoras de eme15
Monse y estrella
Monse la mejor editadora
busco admis o cdc en estas paginas by:<3*mon$e*<3 unace ala q le guste

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Step 1 : ! (;
Step 3 : ADD ! Everyone Who LIKES ! Your COMMENT

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Kash hum vee eak sms hote, eak hi click may up ke pash hote,vale up muje delete kar dete,par kush pal ke liye up ke pash to hote,,I miss you to much pinki

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
ki re panchatapa,swapna,payel,nabanita toder porasuna nai???????
classs a bosey fb???:-P:-D

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
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Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Had 4 new tires put on Miss Pinky today at Coker Tire. Man came driving up in a 1964 Chevrolet Biscayne. He was from Alaska. Good folks around here!! Tracie Brown added 12 photos.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I Miss Pinky frfr

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
miss pinky... Clayton Homes... gotta love this kid

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
TO whom Ever It Maybe : That is adding My Name to this Job Spam Please in The Name Of God Please Stop, and to All Of you that is recieving it with My name on it I Have not Posted Anything since My Neice Cashley Jackson Was Buried on December 8, 2013. So if you are getting something from me other than his one Public Post that I'm doing now It Wasn't Me . So its some one Spaming or Trying to Hack your Account: Thank You ,Aleta Baysinger (Miss Pinky)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
New workers...... I miss pinky.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Damn i miss pinky

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
This Union County couple faces 21 charges tonight. The details behind them makes you cringe.

Let me say upfront, they're charges. Not convictions. Wanda Larson & Dorian Harper are only charged. Always innocent until proven guilty. But this alleged child abuse case has deep issues; I'm posting here in case you missed today's update.

An 11-year-old boy was found handcuffed to a porch with a dead chicken tied to his neck last month. The indictment we now have spells out abuse investigators say occurred in their home. Not only was he handcuffed to the porch, the indictment says he'd also been chained to a piece of railroad track in his room.

According to the court papers, the young boy once broke his wrist attempting to escape. The indictment also accuses Harper of cutting the boy's face with a knife and using an electric wire to burn him, leaving a permanent scar near his eye.

The indictments continue, alleging Harper and Larson refused to get treatment for the boy after he suffered a severe laceration between his ring finger and pinkie which later became infected.

And there's more. The couple is accused of "disabling" the young boy's pinkie in an attempt to maim him, doing permanent damage to his hand.

Reporter Sharon Smith reported all this information today. We'll keep on it. The children in their home are with DSS and foster parents in another county. MORE: A Union County couple has been indicted after an 11-year-old boy was found handcuffed to a porch with a dead chicken tied to his neck last month.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I miss Pinky #FTL #dec13 #Justwaitonit

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Miss pinky. is happy

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
mcm....I miss Pinky Nte lyk hell.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
…and the Oscar for Best Performance by a Hub character goes to __________.

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