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CrossFit Triad
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (07:13:09 PM)

If you have ever been coached by Randy Reynolds you know how great of a coach he truly is. You know he will have that perfect tip to help you with that oh so difficult and aggravating olympic lift. He can motivate and push you to do your best with just a few words of encouragement. Randy is not only a great coach but an amazing athlete.
He finished in the top 100 in the Masters and shows no signs of slowing down. As we close yet another chapter in the 2014 CrossFit Open, we can't wait for next year and many more Silverback moments.

WCW Jadyn Duringer Dakota Katherine Meyers Talima Harjo Nadia Sims...
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (07:59:24 PM)
WCW Jadyn Duringer Dakota Katherine Meyers Talima Harjo Nadia Sims Raven Tajemnica Wilkolak Carson Jumping Eagle Destiny Boyd Ayalah Silkiner Onna Phythyon Amorye J. Moten Randy Roo Tyrin Da'shon Cosey Aliah May Emily Kay Mackenzie Chavez
Oh yea and one rule never ever ever forget about Wcm Aidan Cahir And Elijah Joseph Jacobs MnW Jamar Carter LilZay Barfield MnW means My N-Word Wendsday

Okay, so here I am in So Cal for work...
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (03:11:50 PM) | Updated: Apr 23, 2014 (06:46:42 PM)
Okay, so here I am in So Cal for work this week and yesterday evening I was driving around doing some sight seeing and looking for a place to grab dinner. Well I was in Irvine and found a nice outdoor shopping mall that had an Ulta. Well, for those of you who know me, know that where there is an Ulta or Sephora chances are that you will find me in there dropping money! I ran into Ulta and didn't see anything that I can't buy back home so I got back in my rent car and was cruising past a Whole Foods Market, stopping at a stop sign to yield the right of way to pedestrians exiting the store...low and behold who should pass right in front of me but Nicholas Cage!

Oh, if timing would have been 30 years ago, I would have jumped all up on that in a heartbeat and someone would have been needing to come out to LA to post my bail, but let's face it...he hasn't aged all that well, ya know? He's no longer the hottie I crushed on from his role as "Randy" in Valley Girl! Yes, he was definitely at his hottest in those days.

Just got my car back from the shop and let...
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (02:19:22 PM) | Updated: Apr 23, 2014 (02:28:14 PM)
Just got my car back from the shop and let me just say that there is a BIG difference between driving a big block Chevy truck that you have to use all ur leg muscles to press the clutch in and my lil Saturn where the clutch is like pressing air...haha almost pushed my clutch through the floor board...thank you Randy Rice for letting me drive ur truck..oh was it and thank you Gary Courter for fixing my car...appreciate it guys

My open letter of response to Mr. Randy Zook and...
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (01:51:32 PM) | Updated: Apr 23, 2014 (07:53:22 PM)
My open letter of response to Mr. Randy Zook and the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce Executives:

April 23. 2014
Dear Mr. Zook,

As parents, business owners, employees, teachers, and taxpayers we too, have a "common interest in and passion for the economic success of Arkansas." We are also united in the idea that we need a "well educated population able to compete and succeed in the Marketplace."
We ARE the success of the Arkansas marketplace. We know first-hand what skills our children will need in a global economy. We travel for work across continents. We sell our goods overseas. We have launched our own businesses and know the challenges of hiring and retaining highly skilled employees to support our efforts. Without us, your business endeavors would not be successful.

Students are not human capital, as our own Secretary of Education fondly refers to our children. They do not go to Kindergarten or 12th grade to become good little worker bees. K through 12 education is about developing an intellectual, free thinking, innovative mind and developing a life- long love of learning. College is where CEOs recruit worker-bees and develop the soft skills needed for the work force.

We do not lack a workforce in Arkansas. We lack tax incentives to attract businesses to our state and the proper infrastructure to keep them here. We lack leaders that are truly interested in growing Arkansas when they send jobs overseas to India for cheap labor. We lack officers that are responsible in their bookkeeping enough to retain their middle management, college educated employees, in a recession. We lack ethics in local business leadership when they put politics and power before students. Education has been steadily tanking ever since the federal government inserted itself and it took a turn for the worse when we introduced workforce boards who know nothing about early childhood development and education.

The propaganda says that we are not competing with China and implies that somehow something will be so drastically different in the 21st century that the education that worked for the most successful people in our country now, somehow will not work for our kids. What is so different about the 21st century? China hand selected the students they tested from the most affluent city in their country. The US reported an aggregate of our very diverse nation, both rich and poor from multiple cultures. China is communist. We are free. China is implementing education reforms with a goal date of 2020 that are influenced by what the US was doing prior to No Child Left Behind. Why? They lack innovation. Do you know who is listed in the top 5 internationally for innovation and entrepreneurship? The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. China didn't even make the top ten.

As parents, it is OUR supreme court right to direct our children's education, and we know all too well what is needed to succeed. We do not need corporate elitists telling everyone else what to do. K-12 education is not about tax payer funded workplace training. When CEOs hire these kids in 20 years, they can train them accordingly on their own dime.

We are not misinformed, we are well researched , college educated and we will do everything in our power to restore education back to the hands of parents and teachers where it belongs. As parents, we are on the front lines of this initiative and see it every day at our own kitchen tables. I hope that as you listen to parents, and get educated on the realities of this reform, that your opinion on this issue will evolve. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, I am happy to provide sources to back up all of my concerns to dispel the propaganda campaign.

Oh, and be sure to check out THIS great video

Karen Lamoreaux
(Former member of the chamber of commerce and mother of three)

Home from my day out!!! Had a blast :)...
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (01:27:02 PM) | Updated: Apr 23, 2014 (03:41:24 PM)
Home from my day out!!! Had a blast :) Stopped at Lias Tire and saw my brother, Randy. Went to Tractor Supply and stocked up on dog food, biscuits, and a couple of bones. Had lunch at Capri Pizza and dessert at Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Then shopped at DD's Unique Boutique -- Mother's Day shopping is done!!! Oh, and had to go BACK to Auntie Anne's for more pretzels for the The Salvation Army of Indiana PA crew :D Thank doG for my Auntie Anne's Pretzel Saver Card!!!! Can't wait to schedule another "ME" day!!!!

Here are the results for the 5K. Sorry that they...
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 (12:37:05 PM) | Updated: Apr 23, 2014 (02:35:21 PM)
Here are the results for the 5K. Sorry that they took so long to post. Again a very big thank you for all that ran and volunteered that day!
2014 Firefighter’s 5K Results
1 Pete Brueggen 18:41
2 Ryan Deipenbrock 19:43
3 Cole Reinardy 21:26
4 Bryan Madsen 21:52
5 Anita Sobotta 22:35
6 Tae Weber 22:47
7 Jerry Lawson 23:14
8 Katie Heilman 23:15
9 Abby Riewe 23:37
10 Michelle Schammel 24:23
11 Luke Miller 24:25
12 Scott Reese 24:27
13 Kelly Bartelson 24:41
14 Gary Hoeppner 24:43
15 Len Lisson 24:55
16 Annie Lisson 24:56
17 Andy Teska 25:26.022
18 Shaun Bartelson 25:26.718
19 Linda Williams 25:31
20 Andrew Lisson 25:40
21 Samantha Murphy 25:41
22 Isaac Allred 26:06
23 Mike Allred 26:09
24 Mike Contezac 26:13
25 Linda Miner 26:15
26 Larry Vogen 26:21
27 Geri Quinlan 26:25
28 Randy Domeyer 26:26
29 Micha Weber 26:55
30 Scott Weber 27:07
31 Mike Evenson 27:31
32 Shauna Mayer 27:38
33 Bobbi Spalding 27:47
34 Dexter Sandel 27:58
35 Dave Korder 28:19
36 Emily Norton 28:20
37 Deb McCellan 28:29
38 Michelle Pearson-Langowski 28:31
39 Coltan Rasmussen 28:38
40 Jay Rasmussen 28:39
41 Eric Engrav 28:42
42 Nick Granseth 28:54
43 Andrew Bartelson 28:57
44 Brad Bartelson 28:58
45 Molly Jepsen 29:04
46 Brittany Fornengo 29:09
47 Jennifer Kloek 29:28
48 Troy Bellrichard 29:31
49 Leah Lewis 29:55
50 Kayla Allen 29:56
51 Jennifer Arndorfer 30:02
52 PJ VanValen 30:17
53 Bonnie Pelowski 30:18
54 Kristy Finley 30:39
55 Mindy Reinardy 30:43
56 Brad Phelps 30:56
57 Dave Vogen 31:03
58 Matt Brant 31:16
59 Bonita Heilman 32:03
60 Danni Bierly 32:04
61 Jackie Goyette 32:07
62 Kaycie Bellrichard 32:16
63 Bonita Mayer 32:30
64 Devin Ellinghuysen 32:43
65 Amy Engrav 34:12.128
66 Cameron Johnholtz 34:12.817
67 Joshua Johnholtz 34:13
68 Russell Buege 34:22
69 Karissa Kluzik 34:57
70 Caitlin Nicholson 35:21
71 Ian Nicholson 35:22
72 Alex Pehler 36:56
73 Troy Farry 36:57
74 Shelly Bellrichard 37:02
75 Bib # 1835 37:40
76 Katie Bierly 37:42
77 Laura Jungerberg 37:58
78 Carol Presoher 38:34
79 Richard Buege 38:53
80 Isabelle Johnholtz 38:58
81 Jamie Johnholtz 39:02
82 Shelby Ritter 39:03
83 Krista Zarling 39:06
84 Owen Allred 39:37
85 Andrea Allred 39:38
86 Morgan McKenna 41:45
87 Madeline McKenna 41:46
88 Laura Cummings 42:17
89 Tammy Merchlewitz 42:43
90 Gretchen VanValen 42:45
91 Rodney Merchlewitz 42:46
92 Cathy Lisson 43:55
93 Laceylyn Merchlewitz 44:21
94 Libby Heilman 45:11
95 Sandy Duellman 45:12
96 Scott Duellman 45:14
97 Celia Domeyer 45:24
98 Sara Johnson 45:31
99 Bib # 1877 48:29
100 Bib # 1879 48:30
101 Laura Slavey 49:10
102 Addison Terrance 50:19
103 Kara Terrance 50:20
104 Josh Terrance 50:21
105 Terry Schoh 50:48
106 Kayla Ritter 51:09
107 David Ritter 51:10
108 Nick Oswald 51:26
109 Rebecca Harris 51:27
110 Jeff Harris 51:28
111 Gina Adorphson 51:31
112 Jessie Potaracke 52:31
113 Lynn Schoh 52:32
114 Stacia Johnston-Lyga 52:36
115 Bib # 1878 52:50
116 John Rybarczyk 52:51
117 Bib #1876 53:10
118 Sandy Ohs 53:11
119 Paula Beyer 53:23
120 Michelle Nelson 53:24
121 Arlene Robinson 1:14:36

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
I miss my little boy sooooo much!

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)

female age 22
i was in a relatnshp wd a guy fr a year....last year in may he started behaving strangely...he stop msgng,meetng n clng me wen i askd him abt dis he said dat his parents restrictng him 2 go nywhere...we didnt tok 4 a mnth...n den he himself tld me dat he dnt wnt 2 b in dis relatn anymre...n aftr 3-4 mnths he snd me frd request on fb...nw gvng me xcuses dat he stil luvs me n jst coz of his parents he did al dis,..guys plz its a humble request dnt cmment nythng wrng..i need ur help

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Confession # 552

Dear men,

One day u may get a gorgeous daughter..
Beautiful & charming in the eyes of many men.

She will be your priority,
She will come to you when shes hurting,
when shes stressed when she feels betrayed and neglected
and will seek refuge in ur comfort.
So please..


peace out \m/

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Adult story bhabi ke saat masti ki raat
mera name aadi he me junagadh
se hu a very cool handsome guy with full
of attitude
height 5.8.
ab aap logo ko aur time na waaste karte
me apne story pe aa jata hu baat 1k week
pehle ki he me apne farm house pe gaya
tha waha bahot sare guest aye hue the me
capri daal k gaya tha muje pata nahin tha
ki guest aaye hue the muje bahot ajib laga
raha tha capri me vaha guest ke bich me
sabb muje dekh ke bahot khush huve me
bahot time baad unko mil raha tha vaha
hiral bhabhi bhi aayi thi vo muje dekh
bahot khush thi jabb me kitchen me pani
pine gaya to vo piche aa ke muje tight hug
karr liya unke boobs meri pith me satt
gaye kya ahesas tha muje bahot maja aa
raha tha parr darr bhi lag raha tha ki koie
dekh lega mene bhabhi ko kaha ye kya
karr rahi ho koie dekh lega to galat
sochega to vo boli muje koie fark nahin
padta koie dekh leto vese bhi me teri
bhabhi hu koie kuch nahin bolega me tuje
dekhe kaise control kiya muje hi pata he tu
bahot hi sexy he mujse nahi raha jata
mene unse alag hone ka natak karne laga
parr vo muje jaane nahi de rahi thi phir
mene kaha bhabhi abhi bahar jate he hum
late night takk beth ke baate karenge to vo
boli sirf baate ???
aur ek sexy smile di me bhola bane raha
ka drama karr raha tha aur me night hone
ka intezar karr ne laga bhabhi kya sexy
hot lagg rahi thi vo bahot hi beautiful he
aur black sadi me thi kya lagg rahi thi
mann ho raha tha ki abhi ke abhi hi chodd
dalu unka size 36-32-36 he koie budhha
bhi usse dekhe to apna land pe hath masal
de ab raat ho gaie mene ghar pe call karr
diya yaha pe guest he me yahi raat rukne
vala hu sabb ne khana kha liya 1k ghante
baad bhabhi ne sabb ke liye cold drinks
sabb ko di parr muje nahin di mene kaha
bhabhi aap muje to bhul hi gaie to usne
manna karr diya tuje cold he tu matt pi
aur chali gaie takriban 20mins. baad sabb
log sone chale gaye aur me bhi mere room
me aa gaya 30mins. baad bhabhi sexy
nighty daal ke aayi kya lagg rahi thi o god
open hair bahot hi sexy lagg rahi thi mene
unko chair di
aur bola betho vo bethi aur me mere bed
me lett gaya thodi der baat karte rahe phir
achanak se bhabhi muje bahar aane ko
kaha me gaya to unhone muje tight hugg
karr diya me bola aap kya karr rahi ho
bhabhi boli mere sexy pyare devar ko love
karr rahi hu me unse alag hoke apne bed
me chala gaya me apna drama continue
kiya to vo bhi piche aake muje hugg karr
bed me so gayi me bola bhabhi ye sabb
matt karo koie aa jayega bhabhi haste
huye boli mere raaja koie nahin aayega
mene sabb ke drink me nind ki tablets
daal di he subah takk koie nahin uthega
aur wese bhi sabb doors bahar se lock
karrke aayi hu aur mere upar aa gayi aur
mere gaal pe kiss kiya unke lips bahot hi
hot the mene kaha bhabhi ye sabb kuch
thik nahin he to vo boli kyun me apne
devar ko kiss bhi nahin karr sakti me kuch
na bola phir me thoda adjust hua aur
mera 7.5'' inch lamba aur 3.5'' mota land
unki chutt se satta dia vo bahot hi khush
ho gaie aur phir se kiss karr liya aur boli
aadi muje kuch chubb raha he mene kaha
kya bhabhi to boli rukk me tuje dekhati hu
kya chub raha he muje aur khadi hokar
mere capri ka nada khol diya aur capri
nikal di vo mere underwear ke upar se
mere land ko ghure jaa rahi thi mene kaha
bhabhi aise mat karo lekin bhabhi nahin
mani aur mera underwear nikal diya
bhabhi chokk gayi mera land dekh k aur
boli baap re kitna mota he tera tabhi me
sochu ye itna kyu chub raha he
aur jattse apne hatho me le liya unke
komal hatho me mera land jatke marne
laga mene apni eyes close karr di unhone
mera t-shirt bhi nikal diya aur mere sare
body ko wildly chume ja rahi thi abb mere
land pe aake ruki aur ghurne lagi aur boli
aadi aaj muje ye chahiye aur jattse apne
muhh me ke kiya kya chuss rahi thi muje
laga aaj ye kha hi jayegi me bahot hi
excited ho gaya tha mene jatt se unke legs
meri taraf khiche aur unhe 69 position me
le liya aur shaved pussy ko chatt ne laga
kya mast taste tha 2mins. me vo jadd gayi
aur me unka sara maal nigal gaya me
meri jibbh unki chuth me daal ke buri
tarah se ghuma raha tha kiss kiye ja raha
tha ye sabb dekhe bhabhi ko aur bhi josh
aa gaya vo bhukhi serni ki tarah mere
land pe tutt padi 15mins. baad me bola
bhabhi mera nikal ne vala he to pura ka
pura land uske muhh me lene ki try
karrne lagi aur thodi hi derr me mene
unka muhh mere cumm se bhar diya ussi
dorana bhabhi do baar jadd gayi thi usne
mere land chat-2 ke saaf kiya ab mene
unko sidha leta diya
aur unke smooch karne laga to vo boli
wah mere rajja tuje to sabb ata he to ab
takk tu drama karr raha tha mene smile
dete huve kaha me to kitne dino se apke
name ki muth marr raha hu muje pata
nahin tha ki aap ye sabb kuch karna
chahti ho nahin to me apke ghar aa jata
aur me unke full body kiss karne laga
bhabhi boli mere raaja aaj tune muje jo
sukh diya he vo kabhi muje nahin mila
tere bhai ka to bahot hi chota he aur vo
sirf meri chuth me land dal ke 10mins.
pichkari chod ke so jate he unhone kabhi
meri chuth nahi chatti aur kabhi uska
land mere muhh me nahi diya aur unka
land bahot hi black he tera to mast land
he lamba mota aur fair tare face ki skin
aur land ki skin same he kassh mere
marriage tumse hue hote to me roj
satisfied hoti aur wildly kiss karr ne lagi
mere land phir se chatt ne lagi me bola
bhabhi to vo khadi ho gayi aur boli muje
hiral bulav mene kaha hiral puri night he
hamare pass aram se karo koie jaldi nahin
he vo boli iss night 1k min. bhi me waste
nahin karr na chahti aaj jee bhar ke love
karr ne he muje aur phir se mera land
muhh me le liya ab mujse control nahi ho
raha tha mene unka phith ke bal leta diya
unki chuth me 2 fingure enter karr diye
aur dusre hath se unke pink nipple vale
boobs press kiye jaa raha tha aur lip kiss
karr raha tha hiral ne mere lips pe bite
kiya jor se meri chikhi nikal gayi
aur me bola iska badla me lunga to vo
hasne lagi aur boli me to kabse wait karr
rahi hu uska aur boli mere raaja ab na
tadpa muje meri chuth me apna land daal
de buja de meri chuth ki aag mene thodi
der land unki chuth ke upar ragda ab unse
rahha nahi jaa raha tha ab usne mera land
apne hath me leke chuth me daal ne ki try
karr ne lagi ab mene unke legs mere
shoulder pe le liye aur ek jor ka jatka
lagaya land ka topla hi andar gaya unki
eyes mese aansu nikal gaye phir bhi vo
bol rahi thi daal de daal de mere raaja
meri chuth faad de muje teri randi bana
de mene aur 1k jatka mara jorse aur iss
baar mera pura land unki chuth me chala
gaya vo chilla uthi maar dala haie oh god
meri chuth phad dali mene unhe smooch
karne laga 5-6mins. baad vo sant huie aur
gand uchal -2 ke sath dene lagi vo ajib se
awaz nikal rahi thi
aaauuuuuuiiiiiiieeeeeee aaahhhhh
ahhhhhhhh haiiiiiiiieeeeeeee mere raaja
aaj se tuhi mere hubby he mere janu
hoooooo ohhhhhhhhhhhh
aaaaaahhhhhhhh aur sare room me pach
pach awaz aa rahi thi aur thodi der me
boli me aa rahi hu jor jor se chodo muje
aur mene gati tezz karr di aur 2mins.
baad hiral meri pith me apne nails khich
diye aur hug karr liya me phir bhi unhe
jatke marr raha tha vo jadd chuki thi ab
mene unke legs ko bend kiya aur jor jor se
jatke marrne laga vo phir se bolne lagi
ooohhhhh aadi i love u sooo much ur my
hubby pls marry wid me uuuuummmmm
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
i love ur dick ur so hot aur thodi der me
phir se jadd gaie ab meri baari thi 10mins,
baad me bola bhabhi mera nikal ne vala
he bahar nikal deta hu to vo boli nahin
andar hi chod de mere i-pills le lungi muje
tera virya meri chuth me chahiye aur
mene apni speed badha di aur takriban
5mins. baad me jadd gaya
aur unke upar dher ho gaya usne muje
tight hug karr liya aur smooch karr ne lagi
raat ke 2 baaj rahe the hum dono bahot
takh chuke the hiral phir se uthi aur mera
land chusne lagi me bola hiral tum thak
chuki ho tumhari health kharab ho sakti
he parr vo nahin mani aur jor jor se
chusne lagi mera land phir se garam loohe
ki tarah tight ho gaya phir se humne 1
hour takk for-play kiya aur chudaie start
karr di iss baar 25mins. takk chudaie chali
vo iss doran 3 baar jadd gaie aur ab meri
baari thi mene kaha mera cumm nikal ne
vala he to usne bola mere muhh me chod
do mene land bahar nikal ke unke muhh
me jatke maarne laga aur jorse pichkari
chodi aur unka pura muhh cumm se phel
diya ab me unke upar lett gaya thodi derr
rest karr ne k baad vo uthi nighty daala
mene kaha kaha jaa rahi ho vo boli abhi
aati hu aur kitchen me gayi aur milkshek
with ice cream le aayi muje forcely pilaya
aur dusra glass vo pi gayi thodi hugg karr
k rest kiya ab usne phir se muje chumna
start karr diya bahot hi wildly kiss karr
rahi thi mene kaha hiral ab so jaa tu
bimar padd jayegi parr vo nahi maani aur
mere puri body ko chuse jaa rahi thi mera
land phir se khada hone laga usne phir se
land hath me le liya aur upar-niche karr
ne lagi aur thodi der me uske muhh me le
liya ab mene usse phir se 69 position me le
liya 20mins. takk aise hi chalta raha vo do
baar jadd gayi thi mene bhi bina kuch
kahe unke muhh me hi jadd gaya vo phir
bhi chusse ja rahi thi aur me uski chutth
ko chatte ja raha tha 20mins. baad vo uthi
aur ghodi bann gayi aur muje oil ki bottle
hath me de di aur boli meri gand me daal
tere land ko
aur ab mene thoda oil apne land pe lagaya
aur thoda unki gand ke hol me phel diya
1k fingure to bahot try karrne baad undar
gayi ab mene thodi finger fucking kiya
4.30 baaj rahe the mene 25mins. takk
unke gand me finger fucking kiya ab mene
mera land unke hath me de diya aur bola
oil se malish karr kya malish ki usne
oohhh god land pura tight ho gaya tha
uske hath me bhi land jatke marr raha tha
ab usne kaha aadi sabb 6 baje uthh
jayenge 5.15 to ho gaye jaldi se meri gand
maar de mene unki gand me 2 finger daal
di aur jor-2 se andar bahar karr ne laga
vo chilla uthi aur boli aadi pls mere jaanu
apna land meri gand me phel de pls aur
mene gand bahot sara oil laga diya aur
mera land unki holl pe sett kiya aur pura
jor laga ke jatka mara aadha land andar
chala gaya vo to jor se chila uthi mene
unka mouth mere hath se dabba diya thodi
der takk aise hi pade rahe phir dheere
dheere jatke start karr diye aur unke
boobs ko masalne laga ab puri pagal ho
gaie thi aur bole jaa rahi aadi my love aaj
tune muje sahhi mayino me sex ka aarth
samjaya he tune muje swarg me serr karra
di aur boli jor jor se chod meri gand mene
puri stamina se jatke maar raha tha
25.mins .
baad me unki gaand me jadd gaya unki
gand me mera land tha phir 5mins. baad
mene phirse jatke lagana start karr diya
6.20 baje the mene phie se unki gaand me
jadd gaya ab jaldi uthe aur clothes pehne
aur last smooch kiya 5mins. takk lip kiss
kiya phir vo bahar nikli aur sabhi doors
ke lock open karr ke jaldi se uske room me
chali gaie 7 baje sabhi logg uthe aur fresh
hokar nasta karr ne ke liye aa gaye muje
bahot hi fever tha mere face pe se clear
dikh raha tha ki me puri raat nahi soya hu
aunty boli tuje to tezz bukhar he chal me
tuje nasta deke medicine dediti hu me
jaldi se mere room me chala gaya thodi
der me DR. aaye unhone muje aur hiral jo
medicine de aur bola complete bed rest
lene ko aunty boli hame to jaana he ab
hiral to travelling nahi karr sakti muje
bola ek kaam karr tu kal ya parso hiral ko
ghar pe chodd jana mene ok kaha sabhi
log chale gaye hum AC. vale room me
chale gaye aur apne clothes nikal ke hugg
kiya me hiral ki chuth me 2 finger daal ke
andar bahar karr raha tha aur vo mere
land ko hath me leke upar niche karr rahi
thi pura din hum bina clothes k ek dusre k
sath rahe khana khaya aur medicine leke
so ne lage tabhi hiral ne mere land hath
me le liya upar niche karr ne lagi
aur boli meri medicine ye he ye muje
dedo me thik ho jaungi aur phir se khel
start ho gaya puri raat sex kiya dusre pure
din aur raat hum nange room me sath me
rahe aur jabb bhi mann ho sex karte rahe
aunty ka call aya hiral ko bola tum kabb
aa rahi ho hiral ne kaha kal aa jaungi aadi
chod jayega to aunty ne kaha kal tumhare
hubby 1k din k liye out of station jaa rahe
he hiral bahot khush huie aur me usse
puri raat choda jamm ke choda aur dusre
din sath me bath liya aur bathroom me
bhi uski chuth aur gand mari ab me usse
chodne chala gaya vaha bahot force karr
ne k me vaha ruk gaya aur raat me bhi
hiral ko bahot hi satisfied kiya subah
8baje me uske room se nikla aunty dekh
gayi thi aunty ne muje uske room me
bulaya muje laga meri vaat lagg gayi parr
room me enter hote hi usne muje hugg
kiya aur chumne lagi phir mene hiral ko
vaha bula liya aur 3some kiya dopaher
takk baad me chala gaya mere
ghar ...........SO FRNDS KAISI LAGI APKO

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)

I'm an 17 year old girl from Hyderpora, studying in 12th. Iwant to say that that all the vilager baboons that come here for coaching and residing have completely polluted this area with their Shit. These villages radicals are the cheapest organisms i've ever seen on earth. Seemslike they have never seen girls like us in their localities. I want authorities to expell them from here

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Evening sex ke liye ikathe ho jao sabi
come on

ur .ashish <3

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
koi h??
jo mere sath chat karga
Sonam Malik
for chatt with me..
pls Click here.....

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)

Im 18, male. Hyderabad
I truely love a girl. But, she is in love with my friend. He is not a gud person. He himself said me dat he is going to use her and dum. I indirectly explained her about this. But, she started hating me after im saying about my frnds character . First we were gud frns. But, now both she and my frnd hates me.
I don't anyone in my lyf except that girl. I honestly love her. Plz. Anyone say me what to do now ?
" I miss you in every beats of heart,
In every blink of my eyes,
In every second of time and
In every moment of the Day !"
I miss u re :(

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
G usah merasa diri lo cantikk,karna di mataku kmu g lebih dri cewek SUNDA.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
आसाराम के एक और आश्रम पर चल गया बुलडोजर. देखिए वीडियो कैसे ढहाया जा रहा है अधर्म का किला...

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
sex karna hai muje neha


Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
देखिए सट्टेबाजी के पैसों से श्रीसंत की शॉपिंग की तस्वीरें. इस वीडियो में देखें गिरफ्तारी से पहले शोरूम में कैसे काली कमाई उड़ा रहे हैं जनाब...

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
हद हैं या और कितनी बेइज्जती करवाएगा ये आदमी अपनी और इसके चाहने वालो की...

क्या आप चाहते हैं की देश का प्रधानमन्त्री ऐसा शख्स बने जो इतना बेशर्म की किसी के घर के दरवाजे से दुतकार के निकाला जाए इतने पर भी वो नहीं माने और उस घर के रहने वालो को अपने घर पर सम्मान से बुलाये और वो जिनको बुला रहा हैं वो उसके घर पर इतनी मान मनोवल के बावजूद भी नहीं आये...

अब आप क्या कहेंगे....मुझे लगता हैं शायद रणबीर कपूर की आने वाली फिल्म में वो भी इतन बेशर्म नहीं होंगा जितना ये हैं...

#08 ब्रिटेन और अमेरिका के राजनयिकों ने दिल्ली के जापानी पार्क में होने वाली मोदी की रैली में शामिल होने से इनकार कर दिया है। इस रैली के लिए बीजेपी ने...

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Iam Monika
I love you.
Plz addme here


Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Comment " YO " Whoever likes it thinks ur Sexy(; nd would Date u . Add em ;) ❤

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Chat time 03:00 PM

kon kon bore ho raha hai ???

Aa jao sab :)

Thodi baate karte hai
mithi mithi :* :*


Shivi :*

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Ghost Confessions Stories 270

#black magic
location-dwarka,new delhi
hi,this black magic thing happnd wid me.i was living in dwarka sec 10.ground day my mom called some baba because her business of property dealing was going through some loses.tht bab said now everything will be fine.after few days i heard a knock on the door at midnight.i asked my mom to open the door.after mins someone was throwing pebbles at the window.nxt morning i asked security guard to keep a watch on our flat.tht midnight again someone was thrwing mornin i asked the guard who ws throwing pebbles.he said no one ws day my sister went to her room locked the room frm inside and went to take shower.someone knocked the door of bathroom though no one was there.this is very frightning.this knocking of doors and banging of things were happening at our place.we were depressed and scared.again one morning i was sleeping my sister was getting ready for school.she asked me to get up but i dint want to.suddenly someone banged something on the bed.i thought my sister did it because i wasnt getting ready.but she dint do tht.we knew something related to black magic is going mum doesnt believe in such stuffs or she doesnt want to night we were watching tv and shadow of a man passed .the speed of tht shadow was like a rocket.we all were surprised what went at tht speed.
Soon we left tht place because we wanted to get rid off frm these paranormal activities.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Kon kon online hai....?????..♥ ♥

A jao chat kreeee .... Like then comment ????

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Yeah, you're probably gonna get offended shared I Live 4 The Lulz's photo.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Randi Railing. Hahahhaa oh Randall you would know Jessica Moyle shared Teenager post's photo.

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Hun hundi ni online tu sohnie ni pehla krdi hundi si gal din sare ,tere online hun di udeek vich ni jatt teri profile te gehria lave bar bar ni......garCha

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
hi ~~ boyz

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)

Posted: Dec 31, 1969 (05:00:00 PM)
Sadia Abbass shared Shaweta Kaur's photo.

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