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Randy dictionary:
Oh goodness gracious
Whhaaa? (Like a minion)
Polly tickle (political)

-Randy Ayala
Oh, my!

-Shannon Elsom
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Sammons Trucking
Posted: Apr 20, 2014 (08:08:13 PM)

Randy OH to MD

After a rain out Friday night for American Stage in...
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 (07:11:37 AM) | Updated: Apr 21, 2014 (07:52:20 AM)
After a rain out Friday night for American Stage in the Park's The Wiz, last night Marcia Bradwick, Bill, Russ Williams, Jim, Robby Thompson, along with Randy and myself finally saw this wonderful performance! Although a very chilly night that didn't stop us from having a very fun evening! One of the many highlights was my favorite local actress Sharon Scott playing Aunt Em, Glinda and Evillene! Love you Sharon! Another highlight was the most powerful performance of "Home" I ever heard by Whitney Drake as Dorothy! A great production by an outstanding cast! Oh! And Randy's lobster rolls, he made us, were oh so yummy! :-)

If ur out with ur girl mates at night ur...
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 (06:41:26 AM)
If ur out with ur girl mates at night ur a 'slag' if ur texting ur girl mates at night ur a 'slag' if u go sheesha with ur GIRL mats ur a 'randi' oh and a slag! Guys please look up the definition of a 'slag' and slags aint slags either its pleasure u cock face fukers!!

Oh my gosh! It's not enough I have to tell...
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 (06:37:32 AM) | Updated: Apr 21, 2014 (07:22:04 AM)
Oh my gosh! It's not enough I have to tell my husband how to drive when I am in the car with him this morning I had to call him and tell him he was driving in his lane and mine!!! How does he ever make it to work and home????? Randy Reynolds

GOD IS NOT DEAD! Good morning Jesus! I love you...
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 (05:55:35 AM) | Updated: Apr 21, 2014 (06:59:19 AM)
GOD IS NOT DEAD! Good morning Jesus! I love you so much and OH how AWESOME You where yesterday....God came in such a wonderful way.....5 individuals died and where buried and then raised again into the death of Jesus Christ.....5 wonderful baptisms at our Sunrise Service. Praise all goes to You Jesus!!! Jesus what a great time with sharing a meal and then our presentation of "Amazing Grace" Cantata. Jesus thank You for being so present in both Saturday night and Resurrection Morning presentations. Thank You for nudging people yesterday to spend the morning in honor of You and packing the house. Jesus, thanks for walking with me this morning and for a wonderful weekend with my beautiful daughter, Josh, Hallie and Ross.....You have blessed me with such a incredible family! Thanks for the beautiful weekend weather wise and the fun of riding with Scarlett and Josh on their new Harley.....Discipling!!! :)

John 14:9 ......Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father......

Anyone .... every person
who ... what or which
has seen .... For sure laid eyes on/spent time with
me .... Jesus
has seen ..... laid eyes on/spent time with
the ..... one and only
Father. .... Creator of the Universe/Heavenly Father/Abba Daddy

I am so pleased with you spending time with me each morning. You are getting more and more familiar with my voice and I yours. I want you to remember that when you see, feel, look upon my face, talk with, and just bask in My presence you have done the same with Mine and your Father. The maker of Heaven and earth. You see I do absolutely nothing that isn't straight from Daddy. You see me you see Him, You touch Me you have touched Him. Is not our Father AWESOME? I love you Randy!!!

That Malaysian flight is not at Diego Garcia it's impossible....
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 (04:17:36 AM) | Updated: Apr 21, 2014 (07:59:23 AM)
That Malaysian flight is not at Diego Garcia it's impossible. It's in the Indian Ocean deal with it. And it's not hard to lose a plane in the Indian Ocean, or any ocean for that matter. It took two years to locate black boxes and wreckage of the Air France flight and they had a debris field. Saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier twice in two days, it was amazing. Terrible that there was a shooting at Ft. Hood again, but for people to think its a false flag for gun control you're insane, bad people exist, this does unfortunately happen in our world. Game of Thrones, where to start, I guess I'll just say, I'm glad Joffrey is gone. Congratulations to Kevin Pfluger on his wedding, nice touch on the divorce lawyer a row behind me, lol, really nice guy though am I right Di? Happy national siblings day Travis Austin Melissa Di Randy! Lol @ the cheese pervert, only in Philly. BASEBALL!!!! Opening day annnnnnnnd the seasons over. I can't believe my son turned 1 happy Birthday Buddy! That Turducken was insane amirite Brandon? Oh so that's how they continued Agents of Shield after Cap movie, Ward I hate you. That report on global warming is so dumb. You wanna throw those fake statistics around? Here's one there is a direct connection between global ocean temps and UFO sightings (graphic to follow), sounds dumb lright? So do you. Amirite Rusty Bucket? What a great thing that walk you did at Met Life Brandon & Joy , did you actually see what a Super Bowl trophy looks like there? You feel me Travis and Austin? Hey William did the doctor use as much pine tar when he delivered your baby as Pineda used in that game? LOLYANKEES. Chip Kelly might be a human honey badger, oh you threw up gang signs in an Instagram photo? Chip Kelly don't give a shit, your fired. Oh why? Gang ties. Frank, congrats on the EC nomination, another GMC in the Berth tree. Gary, just because you old ass pitching gives up a home run doesn't mean the player that hit it is on steroids.....amirite Jeff? Hey Ladies, Austin Peck is single and ready to mingle, just saying. When you go to Walmart you don't get a handicap scooter just because you're fat, some people actually need them and don't leave it in the parking lot bitch. We've gone 150mph into the Barbie phase......thanks Ann. My daughter brought home a drawing from school and said it was a tornado that carries sharks. Bella drew a Sharknado, so proud. Guinness doesn't have HFCs so stop with the stupid link on it, Rev Tom MF Harrison confirmed. Even if it did I would still drink it. It's delicious and makes me happy inside. The Mets traded Ike Davis for a bag of balls, and I'm ok with it.

Oh and Happy Easter.
God it's good to be back.
Next step is work, can't wait.

Oh my goodness Kevin Gates performance was amazing tonight. S/o...
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 (12:54:13 AM) | Updated: Apr 21, 2014 (07:17:59 AM)
Oh my goodness Kevin Gates performance was amazing tonight. S/o Randy Soprano for the vip stage passes. Theres not too many artists I can say im a true fan of but gates is on the top of my list. Wonderful night #onyx

What a great day! Had lunch with sis, dad, n...
Posted: Apr 20, 2014 (07:52:48 PM) | Updated: Apr 21, 2014 (01:19:35 AM)
What a great day! Had lunch with sis, dad, n jax at the park. Then my brother randy and my mom came by for a few to see jax. Had pizza and a bonfire till the sun went down. Oh and my grandma slaven is here too :) just a great day full of love and family!! Days like these dont happen everyday. I wish they did. I really feel blessed :)


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