Ganito ang basehan ng pagpapangalan sa bata ngayon, paano kaya noong... from Maria Montilla
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"Ganito ang basehan ng pagpapangalan sa bata ngayon, paano kaya noong..."


Ganito ang basehan ng pagpapangalan sa bata ngayon,
paano kaya noong sinaunang panahon? Ito ay ikinuwento ni Pedro Chirino, SJ,
isang paring Heswitang Espanyol na dumating sa Pilipinas noong 1590. Nagsulat
siya tungkol sa nakita niya sa Luzon at Bisayas sa loob ng 12 taon. Natutunan
pa nga niya ang wikang Tagalog at Bisaya upang maturuan ang mga Pilipino ng
katekismong Kristiyano. Noong 1604 inilathala sa Roma ang kanyang salaysay,
Relacion de las Islas Pilipinas (Relation of the Phiippine Islands).

Basahin ang sipi mula sa akda ni Chirino.

Pedro Chirino, S.J., Relacion de las Islas Filipinas, 1604,
sa Blair at Robertson (eds.), The Philippine Islands 13: 200-202.

When a child is born, it is the mother’s duty to give it a
name; and whatever appellation she gives it must remain its name.
The names are most often conferred on account of certain
circumstances—as, for example, Maliuag, which means “difficult,”
because the child’s birth was such; Malacas, which signifies “a man
of strength,” because the mother thinks that the child will be
strong, or desires that it be so. At other times they name it,
without any symbolism or special reason, by the first word which
occurs to them—as, for example, Daan, which signifies “road;”
Babui, which means “pig;” or Manu[k], which signifies “fowl.” All
persons are called by these names from birth, without using
surnames until they are married. The first-born son or daughter
then gives his or her name to the parents; for until they die they
call the father Ama ni Coan, “father of So-and-so,” and the
mother Ina ni Coan, “mother of So-and-so.”
The names of the women are distinguished from those of
the men by adding “in.” Thus, while the name of a man and of a
woman may be practically the same, that of the man is left intact,
and to the woman’s is added the [termination] “in;” for example,
[Il]og (which means “river”) being the name of two persons of
different sex, the man is called [Il]og, the woman [Il]oguin.
For instance, ama means “father;” thus the son, in speaking of him
to a third person calls him ang amaco, that is, “my father.” But
the son in addressing his father directly does not call him ama,
but bapa, which is a more intimate and affectionate term; nor
does he address his mother as ina, but bai. On the other hand,
the father and mother in familiar intercourse call their sons,
brothers, uncles, and other near relatives, not by the common
appellations of such relationship, but by others more intimate and
personal, which signify a like connection. This is but another
illustration of the fertility, elegance and courtesy of the Tagal
The children of those natives were reared in such respect
and reverence for the names belonging to their parents that they
never called them by these, whether the parents were living or
dead; they believed, moreover, that if they uttered these names
they would fall dead, or become leprous.

Glosari *

" Affectionate - mapagmahal
Appellation - tawag o katawagan
Bai (para sa ina) … mula sa wikang Sanskrit na pumasok sa wikang Malay/Indones
Bapa (para sa ama) … mula sa wikang Sanskrit na pumasok sa wikang Malay/Indones
Confer - gawaran
Circumstance - pangyayari
Elegance - pagkainam
Fertility - yaman
Fowl - ibon
Intact - buo
Intercourse - ugnayan
Intimate - malapit
Leprous - may ketong
Rear - palakihin
Utter - sabihin

-Maria Montilla

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